Booked on eDreams? Ryanair Says You’re Paying Too Much

By James Field - Editor in Chief 3 Min Read
3 Min Read
Ryanair Outs eDreams As No.1 Pirate For Invented Charges
Photo Credit: Kyle Hayes/AviationSource

Ryanair this week released another survey regarding OTAs, outing eDreams as the No.1 pirate for the March survey.

The Irish low-cost carrier continues to fight against these OTAs to ensure passengers aren’t overcharged.

Without further ado, let’s get into it…

The Numbers from Ryanair Highlight Interesting Picture…

Ryanair Outs eDreams As No.1 Pirate For Invented Charges
Photo Credit: Ryanair.

Ryanair labels eDreams as the No. 1 pirate in the OTA survey that the Irish low-cost carrier releases every month.

Below is a table, detailing overcharging as well as invented charges by the following OTAs:

ProductOTP PriceRyanair PriceOvercharge
eDreamsSeat Reservation23.50EUR10.00EUR+135%
Opodo10kg bag54.56EUR23.84EUR+129%
Invented Charges
OpodoPremium Fee17.99EUR0EUR
GotogateRefund Fee65EUR0EUR
eSkyChange Fee73.30EUR45EUR63%

Such figures have caused widespread anger from Ryanair, with OTAs such as eDreams charging extortionate figures to passengers.

Dara Brady: Scandalous Rates Being Charged by OTAs…

Photo Credit: Kyle Hayes/AviationSource

Dara Brady of Ryanair had a lot to say regarding the action being taken by eDreams & other OTAs:

“This month we have a repeat OTA Pirate of the Month as our March survey exposes eDreams as the biggest OTA Pirate scammer in March, overcharging unsuspecting customers by a scandalous 135% (€23.50) for a reserved seat that costs just €10 on”

“Meanwhile, Opodo continues to price gouge its customers with overcharges of 129% for a 10kg bag that costs just €23.84 on”

“Opodo is also charging a “premium” fee of €17.99 – a “service” that does not exist, and charge a fraudulent €65 for a “refund” fee on a non-refundable Ryanair ticket.”

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“It is unacceptable that despite these OTA Pirates repeatedly overcharging and scamming unsuspecting consumers, their UK and Spanish Govts and EU consumer agencies have still not taken any action to protect consumers from these OTA Pirate scams.”

“Ryanair will continue to campaign against these OTA Pirates, exposing their digital piracy and overcharging scams and will continue to call for these OTA Pirates to be outlawed and their anti-consumer scams ended.”


Photo Credit: Kyle Hayes/AviationSource

In conclusion, it remains clear that Ryanair will not back down from this issue, and constantly communicates with governments.

This has been evident through the deals that they have made throughout 2024 within this.

Deals with the likes of loveholidays, & TUI over OTA partnerships have been signed.

It has also been evident through their consistency of calling out companies like On The Beach also.

All eyes will be on whether anymore deals will be made throughout 2024, as well as any potential court cases.

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By James Field Editor in Chief
James is a passionate AvGeek based in Manchester, U.K, who has been actively spotting for years. He is the Editor in Chief for AviationSource News.