Ryanair Labels On The Beach As “No. 1 Pirate” For Overcharging

Ryanair Labels On The Beach As "No. 1 Pirate" For Overcharging
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Irish low-cost carrier Ryanair has labelled travel company On The Beach as the “No. 1 Pirate” for overcharging customers.

The airline has been releasing surveys which highlight the overcharging carried out by companies like these as well as Opodo & eSky.

Without further ado, let’s get into it…

Ryanair Labels On The Beach As “No. 1 Pirate” For Overcharging…

Ryanair Labels On The Beach As "No. 1 Pirate" For Overcharging
Photo Credit: Ryanair.


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In their February OTA survey, Ryanair provided a table in which companies such as On The Beach, eSky & Opodo overcharge their customers:

  eSkyPriority Board€29.00€23.00+26%
  On The Beach20kg bag£34.99£20.49+71%
  On The BeachChange Fee£125.00£45.00+117%
  Opodo“Service” Fee€60.00
  eSky“Canx” Fee€33.00

Adding to this further was Dara Brady of Ryanair:

“Our Feb survey continues to expose the scams and overcharging of OTA Pirates, with On The Beach highlighted as Feb’s No.1 Pirate for its egregious 117% overcharge of £125 for a £45 flight change fee on Ryanair.com, while Opodo are charging a €60 “service” fee for a non-existent service and eSky are charging a €33 “cancellation” fee for flights that cannot be cancelled.”

“These are just the latest examples of hundreds where OTA Pirates are unlawfully scraping Ryanair.com to overcharge, dupe and scam unsuspecting consumers for Ryanair products and services.”

“It is unacceptable that the UK and Irish Govts and EU consumer agencies continue to ignore this rampant digital piracy and anti-consumer mis-selling.”

“Ryanair will continue to campaign against these OTA Pirates, exposing their digital piracy and scams and will continue to call for these OTA Pirates to be outlawed and their scams ended.”

All eyes will be on how this fight against OTAs will continue over the course of this year.

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