Come Work For Us!

Want to work for the UK’s leading, up-and-coming aviation news site? Great news! This is the page for you!

Here at AviationSource, we are always looking to expand our team into a community of writers, photographers, and other team members who have the ambition to get to the top of the industry.

Below, we have a list of the roles that we have on offer here at AviationSource News.

Writing for AviationSource is a fun experience. Our team feels like a family, and I have a nice working environment with great communications across the writers, and great coordination.

Adrian Olstad, Writer & Photographer at AviationSource News

Freelance Writer

Producing over 360 articles per month, AviationSource News is always on the lookout for new writers to join our ever-growing team.

When screening for writers, we look at the following criteria for success:

  • Have the ability to produce up to seven pieces per week, following a minimum count of 500 words.
  • Experience in some form of writing, and must be proficient with the use of WordPress.
  • Must have a passion and drive for the aviation industry.

By joining AviationSource News as a writer, you also have the ability to attend events around the world, such as delivery flights, airshows, trip reports, and much more! For those wanting to know more about the industry itself, then these events are very beneficial.

I have been writing for AviationSource News since February 2022. I really enjoy writing for them as they’re quite flexible and I really like the team, and we are all treated well and fairly without any hierarchies. We are always in this together, which I like the most.

Arash Abed, Writer & Photographer for AviationSource News

Freelance Photographer


Are you a photographer and believe that your shots can make it into the aviation media scene? Well, look no further!

Come join our team of nearly 10 photographers from across the globe and showcase your pictures on our website, which acquires over half a million views every month.

When screening for photographers, we look for the following:

  • High-quality images (Sharp and not blurry).
  • Do you live in an airport with unique movements?
  • Do you go spotting regularly and can update our extensive drive of photos frequently?

Like being a writer for AviationSource News, there is also the opportunity to attend exclusive events around the world, such as delivery flights, airshows, trip reports, and much more! Working for us will give you top exposure to the rest of the aviation media community.

Writing for AviationSource has been an incredible journey so far! The breadth of knowledge the team has and how everyone gets on really make it all worth while!

Jamie Clarke, Writer & Photographer & Photographer at AviationSource News

How Do I Apply?

If you are interested in joining our ever-growing team, then follow the steps below to begin your journey with AviationSource:

  • Email the Editor-in-Chief James Field: [email protected].
  • Attach a CV and cover letter into why you would feel like the right fit for our company.
  • If you are applying as a writer:

    • Link us to some of your previous works so then we can look at your writing style.

  • If you are applying as a photographer:

    • Attach 10 of your best photos for us to screen and take through the approval process before the next step of the application process takes place.

On behalf of the team at AviationSource, we would like to wish you good luck with your application!

At AviationSource, we aim to make the working experience more than just a job. In our family of over 20 people, we always put our people first. Because once that happens, the rest follows in terms of our overall success. I hope that you will consider joining our fantastic teams of journalists, enthusiasts and amazing people!

James Field, Editor-in-Chief, AviationSource News