Ryanair forges further OTA partnership with TUI

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Major low-cost carrier Ryanair has announced a further online travel agency (OTA) partnership, this time with TUI, a prominent travel company.

This agreement becomes the third teaming with an OTA operator for the low-cost carrier, after it has raised issues with price gouging from what it has previously characterized as ‘OTA Pirates’.

Overview of the TUI Partnership

The partnership entails TUI being authorized to include Ryanair flights, seats, and baggage options within their holiday packages.

However, a pivotal condition of this collaboration is that TUI must refrain from overcharging customers for Ryanair products.

Additionally, TUI will ensure the provision of accurate contact and payment information to Ryanair, streamlining the booking process and enhancing customer experience.

Comparison with Unauthorized OTAs

This strategic alliance distinguishes TUI from what Ryanair calls ‘unauthorized Online Travel Agency (OTA) Pirates’, which the carrier has called out in recent months for alleged scamming and overcharging customers with hidden mark-ups.


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TUI pledges to display Ryanair’s genuine prices transparently, without any hidden fees. Furthermore, TUI commits to providing correct customer contact and payment details to Ryanair, eliminating the need for customers to undergo Ryanair’s verification process.

A Ryanair Boeing 737 taxis at Bournemouth Airport.
Les Rickman (GFDL 1.2 or GFDL 1.2), via Wikimedia Commons

Ryanair’s Approved OTA Partners

Ryanair’s decision to collaborate with TUI is indicative of its willingness to work transparently with OTAs.

Now the third such agreement, TUI joins the ranks of loveholidays and Kiwi as Ryanair’s approved OTA partners, marking the airline’s dedication to eradicating deceptive practices prevalent among unauthorized OTAs.

Dara Brady, spokesperson for Ryanair, expressed delight over the partnership, highlighting the transparency and customer-centric approach it embodies.

“This deal separates TUI from the OTA Pirates who continue to dupe and scam consumers by unlawfully screenscraping Ryanair’s website and mis-selling our flights with egregious hidden mark-ups and overcharges,” said Brady.

Peter Krüger, TUI Group’s Chief Strategy Officer, emphasized the significance of digitalization and growth opportunities presented by this collaboration.

“The cooperation with Ryanair will now further expand the range of dynamically packaged TUI holidays and at the same time achieve a further milestone in digitalization,” he said.

David Schelp, CEO of Markets & Airlines at TUI Group, outlined the expansion of travel options for guests and the positive impact on TUI’s business strategy.

“More hotels, more flight connections, more excursions, and activities while traveling and at home – we are creating even more choice for our guests.” He added.

Impact on TUI’s Business Strategy

The partnership aligns with TUI’s overarching strategy of digitalization, facilitating the integration of Ryanair’s offerings into its dynamically packaged holiday deals.

This collaboration is poised to fuel TUI’s growth trajectory by diversifying its product portfolio and attracting new customers.

TUI’s partnership with Ryanair means expanded travel options for its patrons. With access to a broader range of flights, hotels, excursions, and activities, customers can expect better choices and enhanced flexibility in planning their vacations.

Particularly in the UK market, customers can anticipate a wider array of flight options and a robust program featuring TUI Airline’s flights.

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Ryanair has announced a further online travel agency (OTA) partnership agreement, this time with TUI, a prominent travel company.
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