Deutsche Aircraft Taps Dynamatic for D328eco Aft Fuselage

Len Varley
Len Varley - Assistant Editor
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CEOs of Deutsche Aircraft and Dynamatic Technologies with D328eco aircraft.
Photo Credit: Deutsche Aircraft

Dynamatic Technologies Limited (Dynamatic) and Deutsche Aircraft have announced a strategic partnership to manufacture the rear fuselage for the D328eco, a 40-seater sustainable regional turboprop aircraft.

This collaboration represents a major win for the Indian government’s “Make in India” initiative, bringing advanced manufacturing jobs to the country’s skilled workforce.

The agreement marks a significant milestone for both companies. Dynamatic’s holds proven expertise in aerospace engineering and manufacturing practice.

This collaboration brings Deutsche Aircraft’s vision for innovation in regional air travel to life. This latest alliance promises a successful venture for the D328eco program.

D328eco: Sustainable Regional Travel

The D328eco is a modern and fuel-efficient aircraft designed to revolutionize regional air travel.

With a spacious cabin and superior performance capabilities, it offers airlines exceptional design, advanced features, and operational flexibility, making it ideal for shorter routes.

“We are thrilled to partner with Deutsche Aircraft on the D328eco rear fuselage,” said Udayant Malhoutra, CEO and Managing Director of Dynamatic Technologies.

“Our combined expertise in engineering and manufacturing will pave the way for a successful partnership that contributes to the ‘Make in India’ initiative.”

Dave Jackson, CEO of Deutsche Aircraft, echoed this sentiment. “Partnering with Dynamatic Technologies allows us to collaborate with a key player in the fast-growing Indian aerospace industry,” he stated.

“This partnership not only strengthens our supply chain but also furthers the ‘Make in India’ initiative, solidifying India’s position as a global hub for the aviation supply chain.”

Maximilian Fahr, Vice President Supply Chain at Deutsche Aircraft, emphasized the strategic importance of the collaboration.

“This partnership signifies our ability to work with the best in the field,” he said. “By leveraging Dynamatic’s expertise, we further enhance our supply chain resilience.”

“As India is a key market, this long-term collaboration represents a significant step forward for Deutsche Aircraft and the D328eco program.”

A Deutsche Aircraft D328eco aircraft in flight.
Photo Credit: Deutsche Aircraft

Boost for Indian Manufacturing: “Make in India”

This partnership between Dynamatic Technologies and Deutsche Aircraft aligns perfectly with the Indian government’s “Make in India” initiative.

This program aims to transform India into a global hub for manufacturing by attracting foreign investment and fostering domestic manufacturing capabilities.

The D328eco rear fuselage production signifies a significant win for “Make in India.” Here’s how it benefits Indian manufacturing:

  • Technology Transfer: Collaboration with a leading international player like Deutsche Aircraft will facilitate knowledge and technology transfer. This propels India’s advancement in aerospace manufacturing.
  • Ecosystem Development: This partnership strengthens India’s aerospace ecosystem by attracting further investment and development in related industries and infrastructure.
  • Export Potential: Manufacturing a key component for the D328eco positions India as a strong contender in the global aviation supply chain, boosting export opportunities.

About Dynamatic Technologies

Dynamatic Technologies designs and builds highly engineered products for automotive, aeronautic, hydraulic and security applications.

With futuristic design, engineering and manufacturing facilities in Europe and India, it supports customer requirements on six continents.

Facilities are located in India (Bangalore, Chennai, Coimbatore, Nasik), the United Kingdom (Swindon, Bristol) and Germany (Schwarzenberg).

About Deutsche Aircraft

Deutsche Aircraft carries the torch of aviation pioneers, building upon their legacy as a German aircraft manufacturer. In present day, it continues to propel the aviation industry forward with innovative solutions.

Deutsche Aircraft is supported by a highly skilled and passionate international team of engineers and aviation experts. It is developing the D328eco, the most advanced regional aircraft on the market.

The firm is the type certificate holder and service partner for existing D328 (both prop and jet) operators worldwide.

As such, the company is uniquely positioned to complement the existing fleet with this next-generation aircraft.

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By Len Varley Assistant Editor
Now the Assistant Editor with AviationSource, I have almost 40 years' experience in aviation, starting in Australian flight crew and training. I worked as CFI/Chief Pilot with 2 organisations and was also a CASA approved testing officer and aeronautics lecturer. This led to components procurement for civil operators and the RAAF, and then maintenance programming with a global airborne geo-survey operator.