Korean Air to Develop AI-Powered Contact Center

Korean Air and AWS Korea officials celebrate partnership.
Photo Credit: Korean Air

Korean Air has partnered with Amazon Web Services (AWS), a global leader in cloud technology.

The partnership will develop an AI Contact Center (AICC) platform for the airline as part of its ongoing digital transformation.

This new facility incorporates innovative artificial intelligence (AI) technologies to improve customer center services.

Korean Air held a kick-off event for the AICC at the airline’s headquarters in Seoul on May 20. The airline was represented by Keehong Woo, President of Korean Air, and Kenneth Chang, Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer.

Also attending were Francessca Vasquez, Vice President, Professional Services and GenAI Innovation Center, AWS; Pasquale DeMaio, Vice President, Amazon Connect, AWS. Kee Ho Ham, CEO, AWS Korea; and Ben Cabanas, Director, AWS Global Sales Technology.

AICC: Cloud Based Platform

The official launch took place on May 20th at Korean Air’s Seoul headquarters. The new AICC platform promises a smarter and more efficient way to interact with customers.

Utilizing AI-powered voice and chatbots, the platform will handle inquiries directly, freeing up human agents for more complex issues.

This shift surpasses traditional call centers, offering a personalized and streamlined experience for all.

Beyond immediate customer interactions, the AICC offers significant long-term benefits for Korean Air. By leveraging call log analysis, the airline can continuously improve service quality and identify areas for enhancement.

Additionally, integrating AI capabilities streamlines operations, reduces costs through centralized management. The new platform now paves the way for future feature development and expanded service channels.

A Korean Air flight climbs after takeoff.
Photo Credit: Korean Air

Part of Transformation Strategy

The move to the cloud is a central pillar of Korean Air’s digital transformation strategy. By September of this year, the airline will consolidate its entire call center infrastructure onto a single AWS Cloud platform.

This foundation will then be further strengthened by incorporating machine learning and generative AI by February 2025.

“Building trust with our customers hinges on personalized experiences and swift issue resolution,” says Kenneth Chang, Korean Air’s Chief Marketing Officer.

“Through our partnership with Amazon Web Services and the power of AI, we’re transforming the way we interact, ultimately enhancing the customer journey at every touchpoint.”

This commitment to digital transformation goes beyond the AICC. In 2021, Korean Air became the first major global airline to fully migrate its IT systems to the cloud.

This ensures agility and responsiveness in a dynamic market. The airline further streamlined operations in 2023 by implementing Workday, a cloud-based SaaS solution for financial and HR management.


By embracing cutting-edge technology, Korean Air is positioning itself for continued success in the competitive airline industry, placing customer satisfaction at the forefront of its strategy.

Korean Air Lines Co., Ltd., operating as Korean Air, is the flag carrier of South Korea and its largest airline based on fleet size, international destinations, and international flights. It is owned by the Hanjin Group.

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