Three United Airlines Emergencies in Three Days

Three United Airlines Emergencies in Three Days
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There have been three United Airlines emergencies over the course of three days, consisting of two technical issues and one medical.

It has been quite the busy week for the U.S carrier, in terms of either trying to rebook passengers on these affected flights, to them being cancelled outright.

Without further ado, let’s get into it…

Incident #1: United Airlines 767 from New York – Berlin declares emergency…

Three United Airlines Emergencies in Three Days
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The first emergency came from United Airlines flight UA962 between New York’s Newark and Berlin, where the aircraft declared an emergency to the north of Dublin. This happened on September 13.

Upon the declaration of an emergency, the aircraft turned south in the direction of Dublin Airport, and was able to land quickly.

This flight was operated by N648UA, one of the airline’s Boeing 767-300ER aircraft in their extensive fleet of jets.

It is understood that the cause of this emergency was due to a medical-related issue onboard, with the aircraft eventually continuing on to Berlin after this landing.

Incident #2: Depressurisation Chaos Causes A Return Back to Newark…

Three United Airlines Emergencies in Three Days
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Incident #2 came from United Airlines flight UA510 between New York Newark and Rome Fiumicino Airport on September 13.

N786UA was the Boeing 777-200ER that operated the flight which suffered depressurization issues over the Nova Scotia area.

From there, the aircraft turned around and headed back to New York, as it would be deemed unsafe to continue across the Atlantic Ocean.

The jet landed safely after an ordeal that lasted a few hours due to holding and fuel burn.

Incident #3: Technical Issue on United Airlines Boeing 777 Causes Return to Frankfurt – Not Continuing to Houston…

Three United Airlines Emergencies in Three Days
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The final incident happened today onboard United Airlines flight UA47 between Frankfurt am Main International Airport and Houston.

UA47 broadcasted the 7700 emergency squawk transmission when it was over the Channel Islands prompting a couple of holds at 31,000 feet.

From there, it was decided that the aircraft would return back to Frankfurt, where it departed from, and not continue on to Houston.

It was later revealed that the flight would be cancelled in its entirety due to an unspecified technical issue onboard the aircraft.


tjdarmstadt, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

It has been quite the hectic week for United Airlines with all of these emergencies, particularly with the two Boeing 777s that have suffered technical issues.

The airline has been struggling with the 777s over the last 12 months, especially with its engines as we saw back in September 2022.

Looking ahead, whatever the technical issues are, the airline may want to consider opting for newer aircraft, or to push ahead on their existing delivery timetables to replace these jets.

But for now, let’s see how the airline deals with those two emergencies in particular, as Incident #1 is an outlier, given its a medical emergency.

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