Thomas Saunders

I am the Chief Technology Officer at AviationSource. I have a background in Flight Training and Planning. You'll often find me by an airport fence taking photos of aircraft, or traveling around the world.
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What is your favourite aeroplane?

Lockheed C-130, because it’s such a durable platform, which has proven itself for decades past, and will keep going for decades to come.

What was your first Aviation interest?

The Airbus A380. Watching an aircraft that size fly effortlessly blew six year old me’s mind!

What is your favourite aspect of Aviation?

Aviation photography. Getting out with friends in the fresh air to enjoy aviation is a fantastic past time.

Recent articles from Thomas Saunders

Aero announces flights to Coachella

Aero has announced they will be launching semi-private flights to Coachella Valley

Thomas Saunders By Thomas Saunders

Norwegian Air Force Receives first C-130J Block 8.1 Upgrade

The Royal Norwegian Air Force (RNoAF) has received it's first Lockheed Martin

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139th Airlift Wing completes 41 hour mission

The 139th Airlift Wing, part of the Missouri Air National Guard, has

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Five Years On Since The Final British Airways Boeing 767 Flight

It has been five years since the final commercial British Airways Boeing

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Flying on an Inaugural: New Pacific Airways Ontario-Nashville

AviationSource was invited to fly on the inaugural New Pacific Airways flight

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Northern Pacific Airways Completes Inaugural Flight to Las Vegas

14th July has seen Northern Pacific Airways complete their Inaugural flight, between

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U.S. Air Force Contracts Boeing for E-7 Aircraft

The United States Air Force has issued a $1.2 Billion Undefinitized Contract

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