Len Varley

Now the Assistant Editor with AviationSource, I have almost 40 years' experience in aviation, starting in Australian flight crew and training. I worked as CFI/Chief Pilot with 2 organisations and was also a CASA approved testing officer and aeronautics lecturer. This led to components procurement for civil operators and the RAAF, and then maintenance programming with a global airborne geo-survey operator.
Assistant Editor
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What is your favourite aeroplane?

The Cessna 402, a machine I grew to love doing single pilot charter ops into remote minesites.

What was your first Aviation interest?

As a kid, I was fascinated with the wartime stories of Douglas Bader and Guy Gibson and decided I wanted to become a pilot.

What is your favourite aspect of Aviation?

Aviation has been a lifestyle and a lifelong love affair for me, and I’ve now had the opportunity to experience many aspects of it. Almost 4 decades later, I still love it!

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