Birmingham Airport to upgrade to CT screening technology

Exterior view of Birmingham Airport Terminal building.
Photo Credit: Birmingham Airport

Birmingham Airport is set to receive an upgrade to its security and passenger screening infrastructure.

The upgrades which are to become operational in mid-2024 will see streamlining the passenger screening process, including the removal of the requirement for passengers to remove liquids and laptops from baggage.

UK regulation changes

The new upgrades are in line with changes in UK regulation requiring the adoption of CT checkpoints by June 2024.

Smiths Detection, a global leader in threat detection and security screening technologies, has been selected to supply fully integrated checkpoints throughout Birmingham Airport as part of its £20m security screening upgrade.

The new security checkpoints will feature Smiths Detection’s HI-SCAN 6040 CTiX, a computed tomography (CT) X-ray scanner, which produces high-resolution volumetric 3D images for quicker and deeper baggage assessment and low false-alarm rates.


Changes to hand luggage screening

Implementation of the new scanner will allow passengers to leave their liquids and electronics in their hand luggage, which in turn will help to speed up security screening, whilst ensuring that safety is not compromised.

Other new solutions to be supplied to Birmingham Airport includes the iLane, an automatic tray return system, and additional X-ray systems which will also be deployed at staff and visitor checkpoints.

In addition, Smiths Detection will deliver a comprehensive training programme that includes face-to-face trainings for Supervisors and Operators and five years of service support.

Smiths Detection UK Head of Market, Andy Evripides, said, “We’re delighted that Birmingham Airport has selected Smiths Detection to provide it with leading technology to enhance security outcomes and improve efficiency for a smoother passenger experience.”

“Smiths Detection was awarded this contract due to our leading-edge technology solutions, consultative design process, innovative five-year support service, as well as our ongoing commitment to future technology enhancements such as automatic threat detection algorithms that can be easily integrated into our technology.”

Stephen Barker, Development & Construction Director at Birmingham Airport, said, “Once built and operational in June 2024, our new pre-flight screening area will further enhance our already high standards of security as well as improve the efficiency of our operation.”

“This improved efficiency will enable us to process customers quickly, especially at peak travel times. Customers will no longer be required to remove liquids and laptops from hand luggage.”

“We have selected Smiths Detection because of their proven track record in developing leading technology that improves safety and efficiency, and their commitment to work with us and continue the journey of improvement for many years to come.”


As a key international airport in the West Midlands region, Birmingham Airport is well-connected to various domestic and international destinations.

It serves as a gateway to a wide range of locations, including popular European cities such as Paris, Amsterdam, Dublin, Barcelona, and Dubai in the Middle East, among others.

Birmingham Airport’s security upgrade is in line with changes in the UK regulation that will require the adoption of CT passenger checkpoints to airports by June 2024.

These changes will allow passengers to bring up to two litres of liquids in carry-on, and eliminate the need to remove electronics and liquids in bags.

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