Paris Air Show: How Did Boeing Perform This Week?:

Paris Air Show: Onboard The Boeing 737-10
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As the 54th Paris Air Show 2023 comes to a close for the trade week, how did Boeing perform throughout the week?

This article will cover the details surrounding Boeing’s performance for their week at the Paris Air Show.

Boeing’s Paris Performance

Paris Air Show: An Inside Look at the Boeing 777X
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As the busy 54th Paris Air Show 2023 week comes to a close, Boeing certainly had a promising week, from orders totalling 359. This figure includes aircraft orders that were previously marked by the U.S. manufacturer as ‘unidentified’.

Comparing this back to the Farnborough Air Show 2022, Boeing had a total of 245 aircraft orders, so this year is an increase of 113 aircraft sold.

The following sections will provide the full breakdown of Boeing’s orders for the week.

Boeing’s Paris Orders – Day 1

On day one of the Paris Air Show for Boeing it was certainly a quiet start to their week with only having a briefing outlining their future forecast over the next 20 years. The U.S. manufacturer expects that there will be a need for 42,595 new aircraft during that time frame.

Boeing’s second announcement for day one is a collaboration with CAE to provide operators with the access to high-quality training. With this, CAE will be the first company to offer Boeing’s Competency-Based Training and Assessment (CBTA) curriculum.

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Second Day of Proceedings

Photo Credit: Boeing

For day two of the Paris Air Show Boeing begins to reel in the orders for the week, with the first being from Taiwanese carrier, China Airlines, for eight 787-9 Dreamliners, whilst also converting six of their existing 787-9 Dreamliner order to the larger 787-10 Dreamliner. This order was previously marked as ‘unidentified’.

Photo Credit: Boeing

Air Algérie comes in as the U.S. manufacturers second order for eight 737 MAX 9s as well as signing a MoU (Memorandum of Understanding) for two 737-800 BCFs. This order was previously marked as ‘unidentified’.

Render of Boeing 737 MAX in Avolon livery.
Photo Credit: Avolon

Avolon swoops in for Boeing’s third order of the day taking up 40 additional 737 MAX 8s. Again, this order was also previously marked as ‘unidentified’. The order also sees Avolon’s 737 MAX delivery pipeline extend out to 2030.

Photo Credit: Boeing

Boeing’s final order for the day comes in as Air India finally finalises their order for up to 290 aircraft, broken down as 190 737 MAXs, 20 787 Dreamliners, and 10 777Xs. To bring up to the 290, the Indian flag carrier has further options for 50 737 MAXs and 20 more 787 Dreamliners.

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Third Day Proceedings

Photo Credit: Boeing

Kicking off their third day, Boeing announce a new order from the Luxembourg flag carrier, Luxair, for four 737 MAX 7s. With this order, Luxair will become the European launch customer for the MAX 7. This order sits on top of their existing order for four 737 MAX 8s, meaning once all delivery the carrier will be operate eight MAX aircraft.

Photo Credit: Boeing

Air Lease Corporation (ALC) comes in with an order for two additional 787-9 Dreamliners adding those to their existing backlog.

Photo Credit: Boeing

India’s Akasa Air becomes Boeing’s final order on day three for four more 737 MAX 8s, taking their total order book to 76 MAX frames, broken down as 23 MAX 8s and 53 MAX 8 200s.

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Fourth Day Proceedings

Photo Credit: NAC

On the final trade day (fourth), Boeing has obtained an order from Nordic Aviation Capital (NAC) for one 737-800 Boeing Converted Freighter (BCF). This marks their last order for the show.


Closing an end to Boeing’s venture at the 54th Paris Air Show giving them a total of 359 aircraft, including those that are previously unidentified.

Certainly Boeing has had a much better performance this week than what was seen at last years Farnborough Air Show, who knows what Farnborough 2024 will bring!

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