Paris Air Show Recap Day 1: Boeing’s Quiet Start

A Boeing 737 MAX in flight.
Photo Credit: Boeing

The first day at the 54th Paris Air Show in 2023 U.S. manufacturer Boeing is off to a quiet start, a busy week ahead?

This article will cover the details surrounding Boeing’s first day at the Paris Air Show 2023 and what announcements they had during that time.

Boeing’s First Day at Paris Air Show 2023

Paris Air Show Recap Day 1: Boeing's Quiet Start
Photo Credit: Boeing

Boeing’s Detailed Future Forecast:

Kicking things off, Boeing started the day with a briefing that went into a bit more detail surrounding their recent announcement of their latest forecast covering their expectations over the next 20 years.

The team at AviationSource attended a briefing with Boeing at the Paris Air Show 2023, hosted by their Vice President of Commercial Marketing, Darren Hulst.

Darren began the briefing with an insightful look showcasing that the current capacity and traffic levels (As of June 2023), are at 95% of what was seen during 2019, pre-pandemic. Following on from this, Boeing is expecting to see the vast majority of the market to be recovered sometime between the next six to twelve months.

Following on from the pandemic recovery section, Darren went on to comment about the fact that Boeing has had over 1100 aircraft orders since the Farnborough Air Show in 2022 which is a staggering achievement given the woes that the sector saw during the pandemic.

Boeing also sees that there will be a need for 42,595 new aircraft over the next 20 years.

Not only this, but Boeing now has 70 airlines that operate the Boeing 737 MAX with over 1125 MAX frames in service. Since June 2020 alone, Boeing has had 1802 orders for their Boeing 737 MAX family aircraft.

Boeing also stated that according to their forecast, over 40% of future aircraft fleet will be LCC (low-cost carrier), on top of this, over 20% of all single aisle aircraft are still current generation as opposed to next generation.

Both of these mean that they are still wholly expecting to shift more of their Boeing 737 MAX aircraft.

Heading onto wide body aircraft, Boeing showcases that 95% of current wide body aircraft are twin engined with 628 airports being served by wide body aircraft globally. Also, 64% of wide body aircraft globally are Boeing frames.

Alone since Boeing introduced their 787 Dreamliner aircraft, there has been 358 new routes opening using the type. Also, Boeing has sold over 280 787 Dreamliner aircraft since Q4 2022.

Boeing is constantly looking at improving their products, and as such they are currently working on improving their Boeing 787-9 and 787-10 Dreamliner aircraft whereby they will be able to carry more payload and have an increased range.

This goes hand-in-hand with their expected forecast that there is a need for 1000 wide body aircraft that will need to be replaced through 2026.

The manufacturer has also seen a 25% increase for premium seats, meaning this is once again a growing need for airlines to have more premium seating capacity.

Boeing & CAE Training Collaboration:

Alongside their forecast at the Paris Air Show 2023, Boeing has signed an agreement with training provider, CAE, who will become a Boeing Authorised Training Provider and will be the first company to offer Boeing’s Competency-Based Training and Assessment (CBTA) curriculum.

This new agreement will see both Boeing and CAE having the ability to provide high-quality level training to any commercial aviation customer globally.

Commenting on this new agreement, President and Chief Executive Officer of Global Services at Boeing, Stephanie Pope, says, “This partnership expands our competency-based flight-training capacity to better meet the needs of our customers worldwide.”

“By sharing data, leveraging digital capabilities, and providing greater accessibility and affordability, Boeing and CAE are enhancing global aviation safety.”

Adding to Stephanie Pope’s comments, CAE President and Chief Executive Officer, Marc Parent, says, “As a Boeing authorized training provider, CAE will leverage its expertise and global network to expand access to high-quality training on Boeing commercial aircraft and give pilots the skills and knowledge they need for peak performance in the flight deck.”

“Boeing and CAE are working together to enhance aviation safety, and this agreement ensures more pilots worldwide are ready for the moments that matter.”


Today was certainly a slow start for Boeing at the Paris Air Show 2023, however, this certainly leaves thoughts that the rest of the week for them is anticipated to be quite busy.

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