Paris Air Show Recap Day 2: Boeing’s Highlights from Today:

Boeing To Slow 787 Deliveries After Flaw Found
Photo Credit: Boeing

Day 2 at the 54th Paris Air Show 2023 sees Boeing making their start to the week with orders for their Boeing 787s and Boeing 737 MAXs.

This article will dive into the details surrounding Boeing’s second day at the Paris Air Show 2023.

Boeing Kicks off Day 2 at the Paris Air Show

Paris Air Show Recap Day 2: Boeing's Highlights
Photo Credit: Boeing

China Airlines Adds Eight 787-9’s:

Starting their day off, Boeing has secured a finalised order that was previously marked as ‘unidentified’ with Taiwanese carrier, China Airlines, for eight further Boeing 787-9 Dreamliners.

This order follows their previous first-ever Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner order for 16 frames that was announced back in 2022. With this new order for eight, this will bring China Airlines’ total Boeing 787 Dreamliners on order to 24.

It is worth noting that China Airlines has also announced today the conversion of six Boeing 787-9 Dreamliners to Boeing 787-10 Dreamliners, which means their split of 24 aircraft will be six of the -10 variant and 18 of the -9 variant.

Air Algérie Orders Eight 737 MAX 9s & Signs MoU for Two Boeing 737 BCFs:

Boeing’s second announcement for the day comes in form of Algerian flag carrier, Air Algérie, with an order for eight Boeing 737 MAX 9s, which was previously marked as ‘unidentified’, and they have also signed a MoU (Memorandum of Understanding) for two Boeing 737-800 Boeing Converted Freighters (BCF).

Commenting on their latest announcement with Boeing, Air Algérie’s General Manager, Yacine Benslimane, says, “This order will contribute to the development of the Air Algérie fleet, this acquisition is part of Air Algérie’s fleet extension strategy through the purchase of new aircraft.”

Adding to Yacine Benslimane’s comments, President and Chief Executive Officer of Boeing Commercial Airplanes, Stan Deal, adds, “The 737-9 is ideally suited for Air Algérie’s regional network, providing it with additional capacity and flexibility to operate seamlessly with its existing 737 fleet.”

“In addition, the highly reliable and capable 737-800 Boeing Converted Freighters will enable Air Algerie to capture growing cargo opportunities, expanding beyond its passenger business.”

Avolon Orders 40 Additional Boeing 737 MAX 8s:

Boeing’s next order of the day comes in as an ordering from leasing giant, Avolon, for 40 additional 737 MAX 8 aircraft. Again, this order was also previously marked as ‘unidentified’.

Commenting on their newest order, Avolon’s Chief Executive Officer, Andy Cronin, says, “Today’s announcement reaffirms our long-standing partnership with Boeing and our support for their 737 MAX program. We are confident in the long-term demand from our customers for the 737 MAX, and this order extends our delivery pipeline out to 2030.”

“The transitioning of the global fleet to more fuel-efficient new-technology aircraft is a priority for our industry, and we are looking to play a leading role by supporting airlines achieving their sustainability objectives.”

Adding to Andy Cronin’s comments, President and Chief Executive Officer of Boeing Commercial Airplanes, Stan Deal, adds, “This order demonstrates the popularity of the 737-8 among the leasing community and the demand they are seeing from their customers for this airplane model.”

“Avolon has a long-standing relationship with the 737 MAX program and took delivery of the 1,000th 737 MAX last year. We look forward to building on this strong relationship with a key leasing partner as they grow their Boeing portfolio of airplanes.”

Air India Finalizes Order for 290:

Closing Boeing’s second day at the Paris Air Show, Air India has finalized an order with the U.S. manufacturer for up to a total of 290 aircraft. This is broken down as 190 737 MAXs, 20 787 Dreamliners, and 10 777Xs. The order also has further options for 50 737 MAXs and 20 787 Dreamliners.

This order was announced back in February, however, had not been finalized at that time.


All in all Boeing has had a reasonably busy second day at the Paris Air Show 2023, certainly making a start to their week.

Let’s see what day three will bring for the U.S. manufacturer.

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