Paris Air Show: “Business Is Back”, Says Airbus Sales Chief

Paris Air Show: "Business Is Back", Says Airbus Sales Chief

The Airbus sales chief Christian Scherer has said that “Business is back with a vengeance” and that the Paris Air Show “will be proof of that”.

According to an article by Reuters, Scherer said that the European planemaker has signed an order with an “international airline” for Airbus A350s without naming who that customer is.

With the Paris Air Show happening this Monday, this has no doubt generated some much-needed hype within the Airbus chalet.

Airbus Have A Lot to Prove At Their Home Ground of The Paris Air Show…

Paris Air Show: "Business Is Back", Says Airbus Sales Chief
Photo Credit: Airbus.


Airbus will be wanting to make a significant presence on the orders front on their home turf of France when trading begins in Le Bourget on Monday.

This comes following what was a rather slow period for the European planemaker at the Farnborough Air Show last July.

There was only a handful of orders placed by airlines, of which journalists noticed it and grilled Scherer on this after the commercial agreement with easyJet was announced.

At the time, Scherer, the Airbus sales chief, tried to deflect things onto Boeing:

“It was about time for Boeing to pick up some steam”. Such hard-hitting had obviously affected Scherer to a high extent, which of course, highlights frustration about journalists being correct.

Despite those quotes, Boeing went on to storm ahead of Airbus, with the American planemaker securing a grand total of 245 orders against Airbus’ 29.

The Next Week Will Be Very Interesting…

Paris Air Show: "Business Is Back", Says Airbus Sales Chief
Photo Credit: Airbus

What this shows is that things definitely look to be very interesting going into next week at the Paris Air Show.

Sales chief Christian Scherer is ramping up his aggressiveness in the positive outlook of many orders being announced at the airshow.

This will no doubt apply some pressure onto Boeing in ensuring that they secure more orders than their European rivals, but this of course, is all dependent on how the final scores look by Friday.

It’s going to be an interesting one for sure, so make sure to stay tuned to the AviationSource dedicated Paris Air Show page, which you can access by clicking here!

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