Farnborough Air Show 2022 Overall Recap: The Final Scoreboard & Overall Thoughts

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FARNBOROUGH – In the final stage of our overall recap from the Farnborough Air Show 2022, let’s take a look at the final scoreboard and the overall thoughts from a controversial week.

The Final Scoreboard…

With this all in mind, here is the final scoreboard for the four main manufacturers:

ManufacturerDay 1Day 2Day 3Day 4Day 5Grand Total
This scoreboard will be handling firm orders, Memorandum of Understandings & letters of Intent as one collective figure. Conversion orders are not applicable in this table.
*Reflects minimum order of Cargolux’s 16 777-8 Freighters to replace 16 747-400 aircraft.
**We missed an order. Three 737-800BCFs were ordered by Aircompany Armenia & Georgia Airlines. Table updated 21/7/22 for this.,
***Sales campaign finished.


It remains clear that Embraer stole the show this week and was a good boost for their brand new Turboprop Next Generation program. That, on top of the additional orders for E2 and E1 aircraft, further solidifies the company’s backlog.

Looking ahead to the TPNG program, this could make ATR sweat, especially if the aircraft produces successful results in the testing program, and subsequently when it has entered into commercial service.

The E195-E2 is progressing ahead with its sales strategy, especially as the aircraft headed straight to London City Airport after the airshow to commence certification testing for the steep approaches.

Either way, Embraer does look like they are set up well for the future, and the Farnborough Air Show has demonstrated that to the industry, especially in the eVTOL space too. So things are definitely on the up for the Brazilian manufacturer.

As for ATR, they can walk away from the airshow feeling pretty strong, especially with its new and emerging presence in Japan.

As mentioned via previous analysis on AviationSource, it does seem to be the case that ATR is going to use Japan as a potential case study to further its presence in the regional market, especially with Feel Air looking to open several subsidiaries for certain areas of the country.

It is an exciting development, nevertheless, and it will be interesting to see how the ATR 72-600 and 42-600STOL will be utilized to make this an underlying reality in the future.

With the Boeing vs Airbus rivalry, it’s clear that Boeing came out on top from this, with 245 units sold, as opposed to Airbus’ measly 29 brand new orders.

Even adding easyJet’s existing A320neo family order into things, Boeing still runs away on the scoreboard, and that was quite the worrying sight for Airbus, especially with the European planemaker typically selling a load more jets than Boeing over the past few years.

For Boeing, this is incredible news for the MAX program and can walk away positively, especially with the hard turmoil it has been subjected to over the past couple of years.

The priority now for the American planemaker will be to acquire a certification for the MAX 10, the 787 as well as the 777X, so then it can return itself to its normal glory and begin to make money again.

Attitudes from the likes of Christian Scherer at Airbus openly highlight how rattled the manufacturer has been over the course of this week, which could be why Scherer and Faury went home on Day 3.

Even announcing the LATAM order on Day 4 was conveyed to journalists as the equivalent of a tiny middle finger to show that they can produce brand new orders.

Either way, it has been an incredible week, and we thank you all for following our coverage, it is greatly appreciated, and we are excited to do the same here at Farnborough in two years’ time!

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