Deutsche Aircraft signs LOI for sale of up to 4 D328eco aircraft

A Deutsche Aircraft D328eco aircraft in flight.
Photo Credit: Deutsche Aircraft

Deutsche Aircraft have signed a Letter of Intent (LOI) with an undisclosed customer for the purchase of up to four state-of-the-art D328eco aircraft, which will replace an ageing turboprop fleet.

This deal not only signifies a significant leap for Deutsche Aircraft in the sub-50-seater category but also demonstrates the escalating global demand for advanced regional commuter aircraft.

D328eco Performance

The eco-friendly D328eco commuter is steadily shaping up to be something of a disruptor in the turboprop segment.

Designed to outperform its counterparts, the aircraft stands out as a viable choice for regional operators seeking to retire their aging fleet of regional jets and turboprops.

Operations in Diverse Environments

One of the standout features of the D328eco is its exceptional ability to operate seamlessly in diverse and challenging environments.

From short, unpaved runways to remote destinations, this aircraft showcases its reliability, capability, and efficiency.

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Its adaptability extends to extreme weather conditions, including both scorching heat and sub-zero temperatures, setting it apart from the competition.

The new Private Wings Deutsche Aircraft D328eco airliner on the tarmac.
Photo Credit: Deutsche Aircraft

Earlier this year, Deutsche Aircraft announced the owner operated airline Private Wings as the launch customer for the new D328eco commuter aircraft.

Short Take-Off and Landing (STOL) Capability

The D328eco’s short take-off and landing capacity (STOL) is a game-changer, allowing it to navigate airports with limited runway space.

This not only enhances operational flexibility but also opens up opportunities for regional operators to reach destinations that were previously inaccessible with conventional aircraft.

Economic and Environmental Advantages

Beyond its performance capabilities, the D328eco boasts outstanding economics and a significant reduction in CO2 emissions.

In an era where sustainability is paramount, Deutsche Aircraft has crafted an aircraft that not only excels in performance but also minimizes its environmental footprint, making it a standout choice in its class.

Anastasija Visnakova’s Perspective

Anastasija Visnakova, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Deutsche Aircraft, expresses her enthusiasm for the growing interest in the D328eco.

She emphasizes, “The aircraft’s ability to operate in challenging environments – including short, unpaved runways and remote destinations – makes it a reliable, capable, and efficient solution for regional operators.”

Visnakova further highlights the aircraft’s economic and environmental advantages, stating, “On top of that, the D328eco offers the best economic and environmental advantage in its class.”

“We recognize that regional connectivity is an important lifeline for many communities around the globe, and Deutsche Aircraft is honored to support this mission and contribute to regional operations.”


Deutsche Aircraft’s unwavering commitment to providing regional connectivity in the most efficient, cost-effective, and sustainable manner remains at the forefront of its mission.

The company’s dedication to innovation and customer satisfaction has solidified its position as a reliable partner in the aviation industry, ensuring a brighter and more connected future for regional operations.

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Deutsche Aircraft has signed a Letter of Intent (LOI) with an undisclosed customer for the purchase of up to four D328eco regional aircraft,
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