Deutsche Aircraft announces Private Wings as launch customer for new D328eco aircraft

The new Private Wings Deutsche Aircraft D328eco airliner on the tarmac.
Photo Credit: Deutsche Aircraft

German aircraft manufacturer Deutsche Aircraft has announced the owner operated airline Private Wings as the launch customer for its new D328eco turboprop regional airliner.

Deutsche Aircraft and Private Wings announced the signing of a Letter of Intent (LOI) today for the delivery of five D328eco aircraft. The aircraft is the brand new 40-seater sustainable turboprop regional airliner from Deutsche Aircraft.

Ground-breaking ceremony at Leipzig/Halle Airport

The collaboration was announced during the ground-breaking ceremony for the D328eco final assembly line at Leipzig/Halle Airport.

This week, on May 16, the management team of Deutsche Aircraft and stakeholders and representatives from Leipzig/Halle Airport, the German government and the Free State of Saxony met for the ground-breaking ceremony of the aircraft assembly line.

Photo Credit: Deutsche Aircraft

“On the occasion of the ground-breaking ceremony for our final assembly line, it gives us great pleasure to announce that Private Wings, an established German operator and current operator of the D328 family of aircraft, is our first customer for the new D328eco.”

“This partnership is not only an important milestone, but also a clear sign of our long-standing operator’s commitment to the D328 fleet,” remarks Anastasija Visnakova, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Deutsche Aircraft.

“Deutsche Aircraft will continue to support the long-term business goals of sustainable growth and versatile operations at Private Wings,” she adds.


The D328eco

The D328eco will facilitate sustainable regional connections as it offers the lowest fuel consumption and CO2 emissions on the market. This aircraft is designed to operate on 100% SAF power-to-liquid (PtL), which can reduce CO2 emissions by up to 95%.

The outstanding flight characteristics and versatility of the D328eco allow it to reach destinations with short and unpaved runways in challenging weather conditions.

This will open up new routes to connect businesses and people. An integrated Garmin Companion™ flight deck, brand-new PW127XT-S engines and a comfortable and quiet cabin make the D328eco turboprop ahead of its time.

Overall, this is an innovative and robust aircraft which offers maximum comfort for passengers and flight crew. The combination of these features sets the D328eco apart as the most efficient, modern and sustainable regional aircraft in its class.

About Private Wings

Private Wings is an owner-operated airline based at Berlin Schoenefeld and Ingolstadt Airport, and specialises in corporate shuttles as well as charter flights for events and sports teams.

Private Wings currently has a fleet of nine Dornier 328 turboprops, a Dornier 328 jet and a Beech 1900D.

“We see the D328eco as a great addition to our existing fleet of ten Dornier 328 aircraft,” says Peter Gatz, CEO of Private Wings.

“The D328eco is a natural step forward for Private Wings as we look to grow our business and fleet and seek the most operationally efficient yet sustainable solution to meet the needs of the market.”

‍About Deutsche Aircraft

Deutsche Aircraft is a German aircraft manufacturer built on the heritage of aviation pioneers that continues to propel the aviation industry forward with innovative solutions.

Supported by a highly skilled and passionate team of international engineers and aviation experts, Deutsche Aircraft is developing the most advanced regional aircraft on the market: the D328eco.

As type certificate holder and service partner for existing D328 (both prop and jet) operators worldwide, the company is uniquely positioned to complement the existing fleet with this next-generation aircraft.

Deutsche Aircraft employs the latest technologies and best practices to ensure the highest levels of reliability, efficiency and sustainability for the D328eco.

As a strategic partner for the sustainable development of regional air transport, Deutsche Aircraft is working with key players in the industry to achieve climate-neutral flights.

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