Bombardier secures firm order for 12 Challenger 3500 jets

Bombardier Challenger 3500 in flight
Photo Credit: Bombardier

Bombardier has recently announced the receipt of a firm order for 12 Challenger 3500 aircraft.

Valued at an impressive $326.4 million based on list prices, this transaction continues the success success of this super-midsize jet in the aviation market.

The customer, opting for the Challenger 3500, cited the aircraft’s exceptional performance, refined cabin, and sustainably-minded features as key factors in their decision.

This order reflects the ongoing popularity of the Challenger 3500 among operators globally.

Éric Martel, President and CEO of Bombardier, expressed his pride in the aircraft’s reputation, stating, “Bombardier is proud that the Challenger 3500 jet sparks such confidence as the aircraft of choice for a vast majority of operators around the world, and continues to meet and exceed the expectations of its discerning clientele.”

Bombardier Challenger 3500 aircraft flying over coastline.
Photo Credit: Bombardier


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Challenger 3500 Experience

The Challenger 3500 jet promises an unmatched in-flight experience, tailored to surpass the expectations of even the most discerning travelers. The aircraft’s design focuses on elevating passengers’ comfort through Bombardier’s revolutionary Nuage seats and cutting-edge cabin technology.

Industry-Leading Performance

Boasting an industry-leading dispatch reliability of over 99.8%, the Challenger aircraft stands out with outstanding range and runway performance.

This makes the aircraft an ideal choice for those seeking access to remote locations while enjoying Bombardier’s signature smooth ride from takeoff to landing.

Deliveries and Future Prospects

The deliveries of the 12 Challenger mid-size jets are scheduled to commence in the second half of 2025.

The manufacturer recently celebrated the Challenger model’s first entry into the Turkish market, with Arkasair, a prominent player in the VIP Air Taxi and charter service market becoming the first national owner.

This marks a significant milestone for Bombardier, further solidifying the aircraft’s position as a preferred choice in the super-midsize jet category.

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