Bombardier makes delivery of first Challenger 3500 in Turkey

A Bombardier Challenger 3500 banks in flight.
Photo Credit: Bombardier

Arkasair, a prominent player in the VIP Air Taxi and charter service industry since 1998, has just become the first proud owner of Bombardier’s Challenger 3500 business jet in Turkey.

This latest addition comes as part of an upgrade in the operator’s fleet, and also further’s Arkasair’s longstanding association with Bombardier.

A Decades-Long Affiliation

Arkasair’s decision to integrate the Challenger 3500 into its esteemed fleet is rooted in its long-standing relationship with Bombardier.

Over the years, Arkasair has operated various Bombardier aircraft, including the Learjet 60, Challenger 300, and Challenger 604.

This latest acquisition is part of the move to replace the existing Challenger 300 with the advanced Challenger 3500. The new business jet will augment and upgrade services to the operator’s VIP Air Taxi clientele.


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The Challenger 3500 Advantage

The Challenger 3500, built on Bombardier’s iconic Challenger super mid-size platform, boasts a perfect fusion of comfort, reliability, and top-notch performance.

According to Emmanuel Bornand, Bombardier’s Vice President of Sales for Europe, Russia, CIS, Middle East, and Africa, this aircraft delivers an exceptional experience to clients.

This sentiment is echoed by Martine De Andria, Deputy General Manager of Arkasair, who expresses delight in adding the leading-edge aircraft to the fleet.

“It perfectly complements the impeccable standards that our VIP Air Taxi clients have come to demand and expect,” said De Andria.

A Luxurious Cabin Experience

For customers, the heart of the Challenger 3500’s allure lies in its luxurious cabin. Featuring Bombardier’s revolutionary Nuage seat, the aircraft sets a new standard for comfort and sophistication.

Passengers can revel in the ultimate cabin experience, where technology and design converge to create an environment that maximizes productivity while ensuring a refined and relaxing ambiance.

Photo Credits: Bombardier

Sustainable Skies

Beyond its opulence, the Challenger 3500 takes a pioneering step towards sustainability. As the first business jet in the super mid-size segment with an environmental product declaration, it publishes its environmental footprint over its lifecycle.

This commitment to sustainability aligns with a global shift towards eco-conscious aviation and positions the Challenger 3500 as a frontrunner in its class.


The Challenger aircraft family has a well-established reputation for industry-leading reliability and safety.

With over 900 Challenger 300 series business jets in service worldwide, the Challenger 3500 continues this legacy with an impressive 99.8% dispatch reliability.

This statistic underscores not just the luxury and innovation of Bombardier’s aircraft but also their unwavering commitment to passenger safety.

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By Len Varley - Assistant Editor 3 Min Read
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