United Airlines Boeing 777 Declares Emergency

LONDON – In the last few moments, a United Airlines Boeing 777 has declared an emergency and appears to be diverting.

UA1888 is a routine service between Chicago O’Hare and Las Vegas and is being operated by N779UA, one of United Airlines’ Boeing 777-222 aircraft.

The aircraft is currently squawking 7700 at FL190, with no indication into where the aircraft will be diverting to.

This is a developing story. Follow for updates.

UPDATE #1 @ 1732 UK time – UA1888 is descending fast, with Omaha looking like the potential diversion spot at this time.

UPDATE #2 @ 1736 UK time – @RadarBoxCom now confirms diversion is to Lincoln Municipal Airport, of which UA1888 is setting itself up for the approach.

UPDATE #3 @ 1738 UK time – Reports of pilots stating that “they’re pretty busy up here”.

UPDATE #4 @ 1741 UK time – UA1888 appears to have landed safely at Lincoln Municipal Airport, awaiting further confirmation of emergency cause.

UPDATE #5 @ 1744 UK time – Lincoln Ground appears to have cleared the aircraft to the ramp, with the emergency apparently over.

UPDATE #6 @ 1746 UK time – Local sources stated that UA1888 suffered a right engine failure.

UPDATE #7 @ 1749 UK time – This is the second instance, at least in the last five months of United’s Boeing 777-200s engine woes continuing, with the last one being with UA149 between Newark & Sao Paulo.

By James Field - Editor in Chief 2 Min Read
2 Min Read
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