Passengers Take Cover Following Sirens at Tel Aviv Airport

Passengers Take Cover Following Sirens at Tel Aviv Airport
Photo Credit: @NicRobertsonCNN/X.

Passengers have been seen taking cover following sirens and warnings near Tel Aviv Airport in Israel, following missile strikes in the area.

Passengers Take Cover Following Sirens at Tel Aviv Airport…

Passengers Take Cover Following Sirens at Tel Aviv Airport
Photo Credit: @NicRobertsonCNN/X.


Following his arrival into Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv, CNN Journalist Nic Robertson filmed scenes at the airport where sirens went off to warn people of a impending missile strike.

Flights inbound to the airport have been struggling to get in as Hamas continues such strikes, with airlines also cancelling flights or turning back to their origin point as a result.

One case study in this was from United Airlines Flight 954 from San Francisco which turned back over the Greenland area amid concerns over safety.

United Flight to Tel Aviv Turns Back to San Francisco: Israel War
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United flight UA954 departed San Francisco at 2025 local time last night, and was making good ground to Tel Aviv, Israel, before a decision was made to turn back to the U.S as the conflict worsened.

Flights from Tel Aviv continue to operate with heavy delays despite the ongoing conflict in Israel against Hamas following this morning’s interventions.


Flights From Tel Aviv, Israel Continue To Operate Despite Hamas Conflict
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The image above shows current operations at the Israeli airport at the time of writing (07/10/23 @ 1530 UK time), with many of the departure and arrival boards highlighting heavy delays currently.

Attacks from Hamas began in the early hour of this morning, with thousands of rockets being deployed across the State of Israel.

Such munitions being fired around the country resulted in aircraft having to hold off the coast of Tel Aviv on grounds of safety.

It is understood the fighting has moved away from the Israeli airport, which is why flight operations in the area continue to run as planned.

This remains a developing story.

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