Flights From Tel Aviv Continue To Operate Despite Israel Conflict

Flights From Tel Aviv, Israel Continue To Operate Despite Hamas Conflict

Flights from Tel Aviv continue to operate with heavy delays despite the ongoing conflict in Israel against Hamas following this morning’s interventions.

Flights From Tel Aviv, Israel Continue To Operate Despite Hamas Conflict
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The image above shows current operations at the Israeli airport at the time of writing (07/10/23 @ 1530 UK time), with many of the departure and arrival boards highlighting heavy delays currently.

Services Continue To Run Despite Events…


Attacks from Hamas began in the early hour of this morning, with thousands of rockets being deployed across the State of Israel.

Such munitions being fired around the country resulted in aircraft having to hold off the coast of Tel Aviv on grounds of safety.

The Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has dubbed these attacks as a mark of “war” following these attacks.

According to sources on the ground in Tel Aviv, Hamas launched around 5,000 rockets over a two-hour period, of which some were intercepted by the Iron Dome that Israel has for defence, and some made it through and have destroyed areas of the country.

It is understood the fighting has moved away from the Israeli airport, which is why flight operations in the airport continue to run as planned.

At this stage, it is unclear whether Hamas will continue onwards to the area, but if they do, then there is the chance that airspace could be closed off for civilian traffic.

This remains a developing story. If any updates do come through, then AviationSource will update the story accordingly.

UPDATE #1 @ 1540 UK time – Air India has cancelled services to Tel Aviv from Delhi as a safety precaution following today’s conflict.

UPDATE #2 @ 1611 UK time – Trend News Agency has reported that Azerbaijan Airlines has cancelled tomorrow’s service from Baku to the Israeli airport.

UPDATE #3 @ 1613 UK time – Acquiring reports that Aegean Airlines has also cancelled flights to the region for the next 48 hours, whilst the situation develops.

UPDATE #4 @ 1642 UK time – Article amended. Originally stated that Tel Aviv was the capital when it is not.

UPDATE #5 @ 1711 UK time – Aviation24 reporting that TUI Airlines Belgium has suspended operations to the airport until October 21.

UPDATE #6 @ 1812 UK time – BZ111 from Larnaca is attempting to land into Tel Aviv following reports that Hamas has sent 150 rockets in the direction of the Israeli city.

UPDATE #7 @ 1819 UK time – BZ111 continues to hold to the north-east of Tel Aviv, with no indication whether a landing or diversion will be happening.

UPDATE #8 @ 1822 UK time – Looks like they have the all clear as BZ111 continues its descent and Israir flight 6H565 departs from the airport.

UPDATE #9 @ 1824 UK time – BZ111 attempting an approach now.

UPDATE #10 @ 1835 UK time – BZ111 has safely landed.

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