JTSB: JL516 & Coast Guard Black Boxes Being Analysed

JTSB: JL516 & Coast Guard Black Boxes Being Analysed
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Via a press conference on January 23, the JTSB has said that the black boxes from both Japan Airlines flight JL516 and the Coast Guard have been downloaded and are being analysed.

The accident happened on January 2 at Tokyo Haneda when the Japan Airlines Airbus A350 & Coast Guard aircraft collided on the runway.

Without further ado, let’s get into it…

JTSB: JL516 & Coast Guard Black Boxes Being Analysed…

JL516: Coast Guard Wasn't Cleared onto Tokyo Runway

Transcripts from Air Traffic Control released today shows that the Coast Guard DHC-8 wasn’t cleared onto the Tokyo runway during the accident with JL516.

This transcript was released in the form of transparency, as the investigation by authorities get into high gear.

Looking at the transcripts, it is understood the Coast Guard DHC-8, with the callsign JA722A was told to taxi to holding point C5.

There is no mention at any point of the aircraft being allowed onto the runway at Tokyo Haneda, with JL516 being given landing clearance onto Runway 34R.

In the transcript, it also shows the Coast Guard pilots acknowledging the taxi instruction to C5 as well.

These contents were released by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism in Japan.

At this time, it is of course too early to detail pilot error, as the full investigation needs to be conducted and the report needs to be released, which will no doubt take a matter of months or years.

As per The Aviation Herald, it has been reported that the Tokyo Metropolitan Police has opened an investigation for professional negligence into the accident involving the Coast Guard aircraft and JL516.

The report also mentioned that the Ministry of Transport in Japan mentioned “the DH8C had received instructions to proceed as far as he could (editorial note: presumably to taxi to runway 05 for takeoff from that runway), the coast guard captain by his own testimony however understood this instruction as takeoff clearance, lined up runway 34R instead leading to the collision.”

Japan Airlines Speaks Out on the Accident…

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Following the statement from Airbus yesterday regarding the accident involving JL516, Japan Airlines today released a statement on JL516.

They said the following on this:

“On January 2, 2024, Japan Airlines flight JL516 (departing from New Chitose Airport and arriving at
Haneda Airport) collided with a Japan Coast Guard aircraft at Haneda Airport after landing and both aircraft caught fire.”

“Deepest condolences are extended to the deceased officials of the Japan Coast Guard. Confirmation has been received that all JAL passengers and crew on the flight have safely evacuated.”

“Sincere apologies are offered for the considerable concerns and inconveniences caused to our customers, their families, and everyone involved.”

“Full cooperation will be provided in the investigation of the incident.”

Within that statement, they also listed down their understanding of the accident, of which you can click here to access.

All eyes will be on the investigation.

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