Japan investigators commence probe of Tokyo landing crash

Burnt out wreckage of Japan Airlines A350 at Tokyo Haneda Airport.
Photo Credit: ANN News

Japanese investigators have commenced a probe of the causes of yesterday’s catastrophic accident at Tokyo Haneda Airport involving a landing JAL passenger flight and a Japan Coast Guard aircraft awaiting departure.

All but one of the six crewmembers on board the Japan Coast Guard twin turboprop aircraft lost their lives in the ensuing collision.

All 379 passengers and crew aboard the Japan Airlines A350 aircraft were safely disembarked via emergency slides before the widebody aircraft was destroyed by fire.

There are early conflicting reports as to what instructions were given by Air Traffic Control; however Japan Airlines has confirmed in an early statement that the arriving flight was given a clearance to land.

Japan Airlines Statement

In their statement, Japan Airlines advised the following:

“On January 2, 2024, Japan Airlines flight JL516 (departing from New Chitose Airport and arriving at Haneda Airport) collided with a Japan Coast Guard aircraft at Haneda Airport after landing and both aircraft caught fire.”


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“Deepest condolences are extended to the deceased officials of the Japan Coast Guard. Confirmation has been received that all JAL passengers and crew on the flight have safely evacuated.”

“Sincere apologies are offered for the considerable concerns and inconveniences caused to our customers, their families, and everyone involved. Full cooperation will be provided in the investigation of the incident.”


Date and Time: January 2, 2024 (Tuesday) around 17:47 (JST)

Location: Tokyo International Airport (Haneda Airport), Runway C

Flight Number: JL516

Departure: New Chitose Airport – Scheduled departure time: 15:50 – Actual departure time: 16:15

Arrival: Haneda Airport – Scheduled arrival time: 17:35 – Actual arrival time: 17:47

Number of Passengers: 359 adults + 8 infants = 367 in total Number of Crew: 3 cockpit crew members + 9 cabin crew members = 12 in total

Passenger Situation: 1 person with bruising, 13 people requested medical consultation due to physical discomfort

Aircraft Type and Registration: Airbus A350-900, Registration Number JA13XJ

Aircraft Condition: Total loss

Flight Summary

According to their statement, Japan Airlines confirm that “after departing from New Chitose Airport at 16:15 on January 2, the aircraft flew smoothly and after landing at Haneda Airport Runway C at 17:47.”

The aircraft did not experience any issues or irregularities during its departure from New Chitose Airport or throughout the flight, according to the airline.

Upon landing, the aircraft collided with a Japan Coast Guard aircraft and caught fire.

“According to interviews with the operating crew, they acknowledged and repeated the landing permission from air traffic control, and then proceeded with the approach and landing procedures,” the airline stated.

All passengers and crew members on the Tokyo flight were then successfully disembarked via an emergency evacuation.

The aircraft’s announcement system malfunctioned during the evacuation, so cabin crew members conducted instructions using a megaphone and their voices. Cabin crew members determined safe exits for evacuation, and all passengers and crew members evacuated through three emergency exits.

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