Israel Attacks: Airstrikes Destroy High-Rise Buildings in Gaza

Israel Attacks: Airstrikes Destroy High-Rise Buildings in Gaza
Photo Credit: IDF Spokesperson's Unit

Israel has continued it’s counter-offensive by implementing airstrikes into the region of Gaza, which has destroyed high-rise buildings in the region.

This comes following attacks from Hamas at around 6:30am this morning, consisting of thousands of rockets hitting the region.

According to sources on the ground in Tel Aviv, Hamas launched around 5,000 rockets over a two-hour period, of which some were intercepted by the Iron Dome that Israel has for defence, and some made it through and have destroyed areas of the country.

Let’s take a look into this…

Israel Attacks: Airstrikes Destroys High-Rise Buildings in Gaza…

At this stage, it is unclear what aircraft or equipment has been used to facilitate these airstrikes in Gaza by the Israel defence forces.

Footage above shows at least two high-rise buildings being destroyed by such airstrikes, with no indication into whether they have any political importance or whether they are civilian buildings.

Israel Attacks: Airstrikes Destroy High-Rise Buildings in Gaza
Photo Credit: IDF.

It is understood that if this was from the aerial units of the army in Israel, then it could have been from the following aircraft:

  • F-16C/D – Entered service in 1987.
  • F-16I – Entered service in 2004.
  • F-35I – Entered service in 2016.
  • F-15A/B/C/D – Entered service in 1976.
  • F-15I – Entered service in 1998.

This continues to be a developing story. Updates will follow in due course. What we know so far is that flights out of Tel Aviv, Israel continue to operate as normal, but some airlines have announced cancellations already.

On top of this, some flights inbound to Israel have turned around and gone back to their origin airport on grounds of safety.

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