EHang completes passenger carrying demo of EH216-S eVTOL aircraft

EHang Holdings Limited, a leading urban air mobility (“UAM”) technology platform company, has carried out the first commercial flight demonstrations of its EH216-S eVTOL pilotless aircraft.

The recently certified aerial vehicle conducted flight demos carrying passengers in Guangzhou and Hefei, China.

This latest achievement marks another major step towards normalizing flights with EH216-S in aerial sightseeing at local scenic spots.

Flight in Guangzhou and Hefei

Guangzhou and Hefei, strategically chosen as demonstration cities, now stand as key players in the emerging low-altitude economy industry.

The Jiulong Lake Park in Guangzhou and Luogang Central Park in Hefei witnessed grand launch events, introducing EH216-S to the public.


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The aircraft, equipped with Standard Airworthiness Certificates recently issued by the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC), hosted government officials, citizens, and invited passengers, offering them a unique perspective above city landmarks.

Photo Credit: EHang

EH216-S Deployment

The EH216-S eVTOL is the world’s first passenger-carrying unmanned aerial vehicle system with standard airworthiness certification.

The aircraft has been successfully delivered to ETON, an intelligent aviation technology subsidiary of Guangzhou Development District Communications Investment Group Co., Ltd.

The Jiulong Lake operational site is now operational, with more sites and flight routes for aerial sightseeing and logistics in development within the Huangpu district.

In a move that emphasizes commitment, Guangzhou Development District Communications Investment Group Co., Ltd., and Guangzhou Industrial Investment Capital announced a joint venture to establish the Guangzhou Development District Low-Altitude Industry Venture Capital Fund.

With a target fund size of RMB 10 billion, this fund aims to further propel the development of the low-altitude economy.

An EHang EH216 eVTOL aircraft in hovering flight
Photo Credit: EHang

Low-Altitude Economic Development

The Luogang Central Park in Hefei, designated as an electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft operation site, is part of the Full-Space Unmanned System Integrated Application Demonstration Project.

With plans to expand aerial sightseeing flight routes to scenic spots like Swan Lake, the Hefei government is set to collaborate with EHang, intending to purchase at least 100 units of EH216 series pilotless aerial vehicles or provide financing support of up to US$100 million.

Low-Altitude Economy

The low-altitude economy has gained prominence as a strategic emerging industry, receiving strong support from local governments.

Guangzhou and Hefei, identified as pivotal gateways for China’s emerging low-altitude economy industry, have implemented favorable policies and subsidies to promote related enterprises, industrial clusters, infrastructure, and more.

Future Prospects and Economic Impact

The Hefei Municipal Government’s strategic partnership agreement with EHang reflects its commitment to the low-altitude economy.

With a focus on purchasing EH216 series vehicles and providing financial support, Hefei aims to position itself as a key player in this burgeoning industry, expecting substantial economic growth.

Guangzhou Huangpu district’s release of the Detailed Rules for Implementation of Measures to Promote the High-Quality Development of the Low-Altitude Economy underscores government support.

Subsidies of up to RMB 30 million for eligible projects and the acceleration of low-altitude economy industrial clusters highlight the district’s commitment to becoming a hub for this transformative industry.

The “City in the Sky” Vision

With the low-altitude economy becoming a driving force for economic and social development, Guangzhou Huangpu district’s vision of the “City in the Sky” is materializing.

Unmanned Aerial Mobility (UAM) is poised to become the new symbol of Guangzhou Huangpu district, signifying progress and innovation.

Mr. Jie Chen, Standing Committee Member of Guangzhou Municipal Committee, Executive Vice Mayor of Guangzhou, and Secretary of Huangpu District Committee, expressed confidence in EHang’s innovative leadership, foreseeing a rapid development of the low-altitude economy.

Mr. Quan Zhang, Standing Committee Member of Hefei Municipal Committee and Executive Vice Mayor of Hefei, highlighted the low-altitude economy as a new engine for economic growth. Collaborating with industry leaders like EHang, Hefei aims to build an international low-altitude city.

Mr. Huazhi Hu, Founder, Chairman, and CEO of EHang, celebrated the company’s achievements, emphasizing the unwavering support from partners, regulators, and national policies.

EHang is confident in a smooth launch of eVTOL commercial operations for EH216-S, paving the way for a transformative future in urban air mobility.

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