Trip Report: IndiGo Bengaluru-Mumbai

An IndiGo aircraft parked at Bengaluru Airport.
Photo Credit: Gaurav Gowda/AviationSource

Trip report: Bengaluru to Mumbai. IndiGo, India’s largest airline, recently launched a new set of items in its menu and decided to overhaul its packing system to make it more customer desirable.

From adding a Go-to-bag to adding specially curated menu from local dishes. Indigo made a huge deal out of it and left no stone unturned to broadcast it to the world.

I decided it was time to fly them and check out their new packing and if anything has changed. IndiGo in past has been criticized for its food serving options and their menu, especially on their long-haul flights.

It is also to be noted that the airline does not have any oven on-board any of their flights which means no option of hot food.

My previous trip report on their ATR left me with a mixed feeling of their new curated menu! So, as I had a worked trip scheduled I decided why no try out Indigo for a change instead of my all-time favorites Vistara and Air India.

IndiGo – Bengaluru to Mumbai

IndiGo aircraft at the terminal in Bengaluru.
All photos: Gaurav Gowda/AviationSource


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Flight Details:

  • Flight Number – 6E-6203 (BLR-BOM)
  • Departure Airport – Kempegowda International Airport (Bengaluru)
  • Arrival AirportChhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport (Mumbai)
  • Registration – VT-IBJ, 0.9 Years old during the time of flight.
  • Aircraft Type –Airbus A321neo

Pre-Check-in Experience

I have said it before and I would say it again, IndiGo simply has the best in-class app UI. It is user friendly, allows you to do all the necessary changes to itinerary without having to connect to someone from the customer support and is simply the best applications compared to any other airline in India.

A few clicks and voila! I was checked in. Now I decided to pre-book a lot of their advertised new meal choices, just so that I could try them and put out my honest review.

I was surprised to see that the only thing I could pre-book was “sandwich” along with some munchie’s options! I mean, what happened to their so-called new menu with included local snacks and burgers?

I was very disappointed, it did not even show the option of their “Ready-to-go” bag which in fact was available on their ATR service when I flew last time.

BLR-BOM is a high yield sector with a time slab of 60+ minutes and still they offer almost next to nothing when it comes to pre-book meals.

Arrival at Bengaluru Airport

IndiGo operates from T1 at Bengaluru airport, and I have always loved this terminal for its simplicity and easy access to public transport. With the city bus transport arriving at T1 eliminates the need for me to switch a bus (Unlike T2 of BLR airport) 

A sunny afternoon at Bengaluru Airport

Check-in at Bengaluru Airport

IndiGo has counters at entire first half of the Terminal 1 and they are just quick and efficient, though the crowd here at Indigo counters is always more than any other airline inside this terminal the staff is always quick on their toes, and I was able to drop my check-in bag within 10 minutes.

The other side of the terminal from where airlines like SpiceJet, Akasa, Alliance Air and now defunct Go First have their counters and they looked absolutely deserted!

The counters of SpiceJet and Akasa Air had a deserted look.

Security Check at Bengaluru Airport

Security check at Bengaluru airport has always been well organized and with the help of DigiYatra the process was efficient, so in roughly about 5 minutes I had cleared security check and was headed towards the gate.

Boarding Experience

The flight was delayed by almost more than an hour but the ground staff at the gate were very proactive and kept the passengers in loop about the flight status.

While I was around the gate, I saw a familiar face from my college times and I immediately recognized my friend Mr. Avinash J – we go way back from meeting at an NGO event in 2017.

He is one the “specially abled” person I have known and I was surprised to see him there! One thing I appreciated about IndiGo is the way they have been trying to make their work environment accessible for all.

Avinash J cannot hear nor speak, but was up on his tfeet the entire time I was at the gate! From boarding passengers to assisting them to doing the paperwork, what surprised me even more that his colleagues had made the effort to learn a bit of “Sign Language” so they could communicate with him.

I was overwhelmed by seeing this, we always assume that especially able people might find it difficult to do such jobs, but Indigo has taken up this task and has implemented it very beautifully by enabling them. So, Kudos to the IndiGo team for this beautiful initiative.

Standing at the left is the ground staff Mr. Avinash J

Once the boarding started, the ground staff apologized to every passenger for the delay and handed out snack bag.

This was very surprising for me because having flown other airlines in India including the full-service carrier never have the staff handed out anything for a delay of something less than 4 hours let alone apologies to passengers for the delay.

These small gestures and crew training is the reason why IndiGo remains the most preferred airline in the country.

 As expected, it was a bus boarding and I always love it, as it means I can get a nice view of the aircraft before I fly out. These machines always have me awestruck. To my luck today I had an emergency row seat or as Indigo would call it “XL” seat.

The Seat

This aircraft cabin comes in 3-3 configuration, and I was seated on their XL seat, and today I realized that this is the best seat on-board Indigo and definitely worth paying the extra Rs.1500 for this seat especially if one is travelling their international sectors!

Though the seat cushion was no match to the business class seats, but their leg space was, and for someone of my height leg space matters! I was able to stretch my legs as far as I wanted.

In-flight Service

Soon after take-off crew started meal service, I realised IndiGo has now decided to change the way they sell items on-board. If a passenger wants to buy any food items or munchies they get a drink (unlimited re-fill for non-alcoholic beverages, except hot drinks) complimentary along with it.

Now, this has resulted in increase of price on-board, to make it easy to understand let me give you an example. I used to buy their “Cup Noodles” which used to cost me only Rs.250, but if I wish to buy the same product now, I will get a free beverage along with it but the price of the same is Rs.450.

If a passenger decides to book their Flexi-fare the meal is complimentary for them. I also noticed the crew handing out the ‘Ready to go meal bag” to some customers who had pre-booked it.

It was very confusing as even during check-in the airlines website did not offer me anything except the sandwich for pre-book. 

Overall, the crew was very friendly and had their smile on the face, and another thing I always appreciate about the 6E crew is how quickly they complete their service which ensures every passenger gets a chance to buy anything if they wish to.

Arrival at Mumbai

We arrived at Mumbai Airport after a delay of more than an hour from our scheduled arrival.


IndiGo has the best in-app experience, and their ground staff does great! So does their crew on-board, but they are a hit-n-miss when it comes to their menu.

For some reason I could not book anything apart from a sandwich and did not find it worth to pay Rs.450 for a cup noodle where other airlines offer the same for Rs.250.

Though I appreciate the initiative the airline has been taking to make their workplace inclusive for all, in these many years of flying with the airlines in the country this was a first time I encountered such an inclusive workspace and I personally feel other airlines in India need to follow 6E in this.

IndiGo has the best network in the country, with flights to almost every part and is known for its reliability. I just wish the airline would listen to its customers and fix their issues with food choices and catering.

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