Trip Report: IndiGo ATR Bengaluru to Cuddapah

An IndiGo ATR aircraft is loaded at Bengaluru.
Photo Credit: Gaurav Gowda

Today’s trip report by AviationSource writer Gaurav Gowda takes in a regional flight with IndiGo, India’s largest airline, from Bengaluru to Cuddapah.

The airline recently launched a new set of items in its menu and decided to overhaul its packing system to make it more appealing to the customer.

This ranged from adding a ‘Go-to-bag’ to including a specially curated menu from local dishes. IndiGo made a huge deal out of it, and left no stone unturned to broadcast it to the world.

I decided it was time to fly them and check out their new packing and if anything has changed. Indigo In past has been criticized for its food serving options and their menu, especially on their long-haul flights.

It is also to be noted that the airline does not have any ovens on-board any of their flights, which means no option of hot food.

I had a friend’s wedding to attend tin this small city of Cuddapah, with no train connection from Bengaluru city the only option was either a 6 hours’ drive or 45 minutes of flying!

Come join me as I embark on this rollercoaster ride on IndiGo’s ATR to Cuddapah.

IndiGo – Bengaluru to Cuddapah

Flight Details:

  • Flight Number – QP 7102 (BLR-CDP)
  • Departure Airport – Kempegowda International Airport (Bengaluru)
  • Arrival Airport – Cuddapah Airport
  • Registration – VT-IYV, 4.7 years old at the time of flight.
  • Aircraft Type – ATR 72 – 600


Pre-Check-in Experience

I have said it before and I would say it again, IndiGo simply has the best in-class app UI.

It is user friendly, allows you to makeall the necessary changes to itinerary without having to connect to someone from the customer support and is simply the best applications compared to any other airline in India. A few clicks and voila – I was checked-in!

Arrival at Bengaluru Airport

Indigo operates from T1 at Bengaluru airport, and I have always loved this terminal for its simplicity and easy access to public transport.


IndiGo has counters at the entire first half of the Terminal I feel and they are just quick and efficient.

Though the crowd here at the counters is always more than any other airline inside this Terminal, the staff are always quick on their toes and I was able to drop my check-in bag within 10 minutes.

Security Check

Security check at Bengaluru airport has always been well organized and with the help of DigiYatra the process was efficient, so in roughly about 5 minutes I had cleared the security check and was headed towards the gate.

Boarding Experience

As expected, it was a bus boarding and I always love it, as it means I can get a close up with the aircraft before I fly out.

The best part was the aircraft was parked at one corner of the airport, near the cargo terminal meaning when I got down near the aircraft, I got a beautiful view of all the different tails of aircrafts which were parked at T1.

These machines always have me awestruck. Once in the aircraft, a person of my height would feel a little claustrophobic considering it’s an ATR.

Photo Credits: Gaurav Gowda/AviationSource

The Seat

This aircraft comes in 2-2 configuration, and I was seated in seat 6F. Legroom was definitely cramped and for a person with my height one would find it difficult to sit comfortably for a long time.

In-flight Service

Soon after take-off, the crew started meal service. I had already pre-booked a Vege sandwich along with a beverage of my choice.

I was waiting to check out the fuss on their new packing and 6E menu, and soon the crew came around to me and handed me my sandwich.

The casing definitely looked different and funkier, so full marks to the design team! What surprised me was initially when you select a beverage of your choice it is served in its original packing (either a tin can or tetra pack) and every low-cost carrier still follows this.

To my surprise, IndiGo decided to do away with that and has started serving customers in a paper cup!

This changed my whole perspective, as this practice might be common in international markets for LCC’s, but in India I would get a hot meal and beverage in its original packing for the same price of what I would pay with IndiGo.

Arrival at Cuddapah

We arrived at Cuddapah Airport 5 minutes before our scheduled arrival time.


IndiGo has the best in-app experience, and their ground staff does okay! So does their crew on-board, but they are a bit hit-n-miss when it comes to their menu.

When I went through their pre-book option, they have increased the prices of all the items in the menu as they have added the option of “Beverage of your choice”.

So, for example, if I could initially pre-book a cup noodles for Rs.250, now the same costs me Rs.400 because of the beverages. (Note: Initially irrespective of what you pre-order, the beverage was complimentary with it).

Paying Rs.150 more for a drink served in paper cup doesn’t make sense to me personally. Fly with any other low-cost airline in the country and for this price you will be served a hot meal with beverage, in its original packing.

IndiGo needs to turn things around in its catering, as this is the only major hurdle it still faces!

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