International Air Cargo Continues to Freight Ahead of COVID Peaks

International Air Cargo Continues to Freight Ahead of COVID Peaks
Photo sourced from DG International.

International air cargo continues to freight ahead of the high numbers recorded during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Data from highlights that despite it’s single-digit percentages, the industry is performing well.

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International Air Cargo Continues to Freight Ahead of COVID Peak…

International Air Cargo Continues to Freight Ahead of COVID Peaks

For October 10-17, 3,612 international air cargo movements were recorded, which represents an increase of 7.66% for the freight-based industry compared to the same period last year.

Such a figure is 392 movements ahead of 2020’s numbers, 121 ahead of 2021 and 257 ahead of 2022’s numbers.

Below is the last four weeks’ worth of data based on the overall industry:

Date2020 Numbers2021 Numbers2022 Numbers2023 NumbersPercentage Difference (2023 vs. 2022)
September 12-193124 movements3437 movements3334 movements3723 movements+11.67%
September 19-263164 movements3464 movements3450 movements3760 movements+8.99%
September 26-October 33128 movements3447 movements3547 movements3716 movements+4.76%
October 3-103060 movements3406 movements3505 movements3439 movements-1.88%

What we can see from this data is that the international air cargo & freight market continues to boom, and in most cases we see year-on-year increases four times in a row.

There was a lot of scepticism previously that cargo demand would die out post-COVID, but over the first full year or two of restrictions being lifted, this decline hasn’t been observed as heavily yet.

Many Advancements & Successes In This Industry This Year…

International Air Cargo Continues to Freight Ahead of COVID Peaks
Photo sourced from Rhenus Logistics.


If we named every big event from this year, we would be here all day. That is how much of a great year the international air cargo & freight industry has had.

Airlines and operators have been setting down the foundations for what they believe to be prosperous business models going into the future.

Back in April, DHL Express placed an order for nine Mammoth Boeing 777-200LR freighters, and is part of their overall growth to modernisation, expansion and replacement.

Over in the U.S, Amerijet received two Boeing 767-300 Converted Freighters from ATSG on top of their March order for six additional 757-200 Freighters.

WestJet Cargo also acquired approval for their 737-800 Freighters, with Alaska Air Cargo receiving their first unit of the type as well.

A final example would be from AEI, who back in August completed their 600th freighter conversion as well, so the global demand for international air cargo & freight is clearly there.


Photo sourced from AGI Global Logistics.

It remains clear that demand for international air cargo & freight opportunities continues to increase steadily.

Such data does highlight the significant growth that the sector has gone through over the last three to four years, irrespective of any concerns about it either slowing down or declining.

As operators continue to order aircraft, and companies continue conversions, this area of the aviation industry doesn’t seem to be out for the count just yet.

All eyes will be on how the sector will perform over the next few years, and to the end of the decade, that’s for sure.

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By James Field - Editor in Chief 4 Min Read
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