AEI officially complete 600th freighter conversion

Interior view of main cargo deck of Boeing 737-800SF freighter
Photo Credit: AEI
By Len Varley - Assistant Editor 2 Min Read
2 Min Read

Miami-based company Aeronautical Engineers, Inc. (AEI) has proudly announced the successful completion of its 600th freighter conversion.

This notable landmark was accomplished through the conversion of a 737-800 aircraft owned by GA Telesis (MSN 28235).

AEI, a specialist in the aircraft conversion field, has been at the forefront of designing, developing, and enhancing narrowbody freighter aircraft for the global air cargo industry since 1958.

Over its 65-year history, AEI has cemented its reputation as a powerhouse in the aviation sector. The company has consistently delivered dependable and adaptable freighter products that have catered to the evolving demands of the industry.

From its earliest conversion, such as the DC6 and CV440, to its popular programs like the B727-200SF, B737-400SF, and B737-800SF, AEI’s legacy is defined by dependability and the flexibility of its product range.

An AEI freighter conversion.
Image Credit: AEI Freighters


A Message from the President

Roy Sandri, the President of AEI, expressed his satisfaction with the landmark achievement. He emphasized, “We are thrilled to reach this milestone and couldn’t have made it without the dedication of our employees, the responsiveness of our vendor partners, and the trust earned from our customers.”

The 600th freighter conversion was skillfully executed by the esteemed team at Commercial Jet Inc.’s Miami facility in Florida. Notably, Commercial Jet Inc. holds the distinction of being AEI’s longest-serving modification partner.

With a wealth of experience garnered from the conversion of numerous aircraft, the experts at Commercial Jet Inc. embody the precision and expertise that define AEI’s high standards.

AEI Global Network

AEI’s establishment in the marketplace is further evidenced by its expansive network of authorized AEI Conversion Centers spread across the globe. These strategically located centers are a testament to AEI’s dedication to serving a diverse array of global aircraft owners and operators.

This extensive network ensures that AEI’s cutting-edge freighter conversion solutions are accessible and available to clients worldwide.

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