Global Airlines, London: Few Announcements & Many Attacks

Global Airlines, London: Few Announcements & Many Attacks
Photo Credit: Thomas Saunders/AviationSource
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Global Airlines held a briefing tonight in London with the press, and it was very peculiar in nature. One announcement and many attacks.

This briefing had many journalists at the event where there could be more discussion into the airline’s plans, but what came from CEO James Asquith wasn’t much.

Without further ado, let’s get into it…

A Briefing in London With High Expectations…

Global Airlines, London: Few Announcements & Many Attacks
Photo Credit: Thomas Saunders/AviationSource


Based on the tone of the invitation from Global Airlines to an event in London, there were effectively only a few tiny announcements and many attacks on the press about the skepticism of the airline even launching.

CEO Asquith was keen to note an official partnership with American Express, where there will be perks but nothing of substance to note on that front. It is to be expected that more will be announced in due course.

From there, Asquith expanded on his attacks against the press, who have been skeptical about the airline.

As context, Seth Miller of took the time to question the financial resiliency of the carrier as well as the investor pack to which he got access.

Asquith said in London tonight:

“Some of those experts are saying the transatlantic markets are littered with failed carriers”.

“We’re pretty confident that any room in the external market, we are going to be okay with this”.

“There’s gonna be challenges every single day, and every day we wake up, and there’s more challenges, more roadblocks to come over.”

“Some of those experts in the room with us the other week are saying the transatlantic markets are littered with failed carriers.”

“Yes, it’s that to me is because the audience and for the last three and a half decades, they’re competing on price to race to the bottom largely, and they only form premium products product was the answer.”

Asquith also talked about the purchasing of three Airbus A380s that he made earlier this year:

“Something happened yesterday where someone said that no one just goes and buys A380s for the sake of it. There’s obviously a plan behind it. It has been a couple of years of work, and it has been a fantastic journey”.

Reaction from the Global Airlines Briefing…

Photo Credit: Thomas Saunders/AviationSource

CEO James Asquith told those in the briefing in London tonight to get to know the staff at Global Airlines.

AviationSource writer Thomas Saunders stated that as soon as the briefing was over, the staff wasn’t present at all to greet the media and stakeholders.

Members of the media left as soon as the briefing was concluded, with many dubbing it a “waste of time”.

As soon as the briefing was over, it turned into a sea of suits as the conversation of waves began about the carrier.

So what can we take from this event? There is a high level of confidence here in London tonight, but has Asquith convinced everyone of the resiliency of the start-up carrier?

If anything, there is nothing much other than the odd announcement but a sea of attacks on those who are criticizing the airline. Quite a disappointing sight, to say the least.

Article written by James Field, Reporting by Thomas Saunders…

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