Global Airlines announces purchase of 3 more Airbus A380s

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Global Airlines, the UK start-up long-haul airline, has now announced its acquisition of three additional Airbus A380 aircraft.

With this purchase, the airline’s fleet development reaches a significant milestone, as it now has a total of four A380s lined up for operations starting in Spring 2024.

The undisclosed investment in these aircraft marks a substantial commitment by Global Airlines to enhance its services and offer an unparalleled flying experience to its passengers.

The airline’s team is currently developing plans for the refurbishment and reintroduction of the four long haul aircraft into service.

Detailed information about the aircraft, acquisition process, and the refurbishment will be shared with the public in the upcoming months, building anticipation for the grand launch.

James Asquith visiting the first Global Airlines A380

New management appointments

To bolster its expertise and strengthen its Advisory Board, Global Airlines has also made key appointments. Pierre Madrange and Ian Black, two distinguished aviation professionals, have joined the airline’s Advisory Board.


Pierre Madrange

Pierre Madrange, a former French Air Force fighter pilot, brings extensive aviation knowledge and operational expertise to Global Airlines.

With his experience as the Chief Operating Officer at XL Airways, Managing Director at SR Technics, and former Vice President of NAVBLUE, an Airbus company, Pierre’s contributions to airline operations and P&L management will be invaluable.

His leadership skills will also play a crucial role in driving the airline’s growth.

Ian Black

Ian Black, a highly experienced commercial and former military pilot, further strengthens Global Airlines’ Advisory Board.

With over 25 years of service as a senior captain on the Airbus/Boeing fleet of a major UK long-haul airline, Ian’s vast experience in long-haul flying and his cumulative 20,000 hours of flight time on A330/340-300/340-600 and Boeing 787 Dreamliner make him a valuable addition to the team.

Ian will provide insights and guidance on airline operations management and digitalization to support the CEO, James Asquith.

Global Airlines CEO statement

Speaking about the new appointments, James Asquith, the Founder and CEO of Global Airlines, expressed his excitement, saying, “We extend our warmest welcome to both Ian and Pierre to the Global Airlines’ advisory board, where they will work closely with our team.”

“It is a real testament to the progress we are making that we continue to appoint senior and experienced people to our Advisory Board. I believe we must have one of the most experienced teams of aviation professionals coming together to launch Global Airlines.”

Asquith also addressed the acquisition of the three additional aircraft, stating, “We are also delighted to announce that we have agreed to purchase a further three A380s to join the Global fleet.”

“As I’ve always said, the A380 is the best aircraft in the sky, and we will continue to look for further acquisition opportunities.”

Pierre Madrange, expressing his enthusiasm for joining Global Airlines, said, “I’m really pleased to be joining the Global Airlines Advisory Board.”

“James is putting together a great team, and I want to use my unique aviation network as well as my experience in the industry to help the airline do something new and exciting.”

“A product that passengers will not only want to fly but also an airline that aviation professionals from around the world will want to work for.”

Ian Black, highlighting the importance of safety, stated, “Aviation is in my blood, and joining the Advisory Board was an opportunity too good to turn down.For any airline, safety is the number one priority, and Global will be no different.”

“That commitment to safety is driven by not just the flight crew and cabin crews but every team member of Global Airlines. Having a robust and open flight safety culture from the get-go is paramount.”

“Working closely with both James and Richard is a real privilege, and to influence the foundations of what will certainly be the very best airline this decade is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.”


With a fleet consisting of A380 aircraft, Global Airlines aims to redefine the flying experience by capitalizing on the unparalleled spaciousness offered by these super jumbos.

Global Airlines is now focused on collaborating closely with relevant authorities and partners as it prepares for its inaugural flights in Spring 2024.

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