Embraer Will Need To Push The E2 at the Paris Air Show

Photo Credit: Harrison Rowe/AviationSource

Following its successes with the E1 & TPNG programs, Embraer will need to now focus on pushing sales of the E2 family at the Paris Air Show.

The Brazilian planemaker did sell some E2s last year at the Farnborough Air Show, but as a new program, maybe more was expected from the planemaker.

Without further ado, let’s get into it…

Rewinding Back to The Farnborough Air Show…

Embraer Will Need To Push The E2 at the Paris Air Show
Photo Credit: Embraer

In case you forgot, Embraer actually stole the entirety of the Farnborough Air Show, selling over 280 jets, with most of them being on its new TPNG program, pictured above.

The Letter of Intent was signed by multiple airlines for the Turboprop Next Generation Program, with 250 aircraft sold. The key to this is that no lessors are on the customer list, which is an impressive feat for Embraer.

Embraer expects to launch the new turboprop platform in mid-2023, which will be the beginning of a new generation with sustainability at the forefront of this.

The Brazilian manufacturer then secured orders for the E175-E1 with Horizon Air, the E195-E2 with Porter Airlines as well as some E190Fs for Astral Aviation, which brought to an end a successful show for them.

Ahead of the Paris Air Show, more focus will no doubt be placed on their current commercial aircraft, and could they continue the tradition of announcing all of their orders again in one day?

Will The E2 Be The Key Focus for Embraer At The Paris Air Show?

Photo Credit: Harrison Rowe/AviationSource

The E2 will no doubt be a focal point for commercial sales, especially with the E2 program only securing 221 orders thus far.

In comparison to 1,773 on the E1 family, the Paris Air Show will be an important one in securing more of a backlog for the E2 program.

There is a relatively healthy backlog at the moment across its commercial portfolio at 312 aircraft, but eventually, these units will be delivered, which means more business will have to be secured as a result.

Embraer is ultimately going to have to battle with Airbus and the A220, especially with the European planemaker looking at bringing through a stretched -500 variant to accommodate the -100 and -300.

The -500 would, in effect, damage MAX8 sales with Boeing but also damage the E195-E2 arena as well, which could place Embraer at a disadvantage going into the Paris Air Show.

Ultimately, this is going to mean that the Brazilian planemaker is going to have to push as much as it can to encourage sales moving forward.

They have made some progress, however, announcing more than three commercial orders.

One was back in January when a new firm order from an undisclosed customer ordered 15 units, then Royal Jordanian, Singapore’s Scoot, and Malaysia’s SKS Airways all placed orders in the month of May.

So, there does seem to be some form of movement going on, with this expected to be intensified going into the Paris Air Show.


Embraer Will Need To Push The E2 at the Paris Air Show
Photo Credit: Harrison Rowe/AviationSource

What remains clear is that Embraer started its sales momentum journey just last month with the E2 Family and will be wanting to secure more in Le Bourget in a couple of weeks’ time.

Looking ahead, it’s going to be interesting to see whether they can confirm more orders for that program or whether the E1 will continue to operate as a slow-burner for them.

Adopting a stronger backlog in the face of competition from Airbus with the A220-500 could throw things into disrepute, but it is all down to how the aircraft is marketed.

Moving forward, this should be an exciting time at the Paris Air Show.

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