Royal Jordanian Airlines to acquire 8 new Embraer E2 jets

Render of two new Royal Jordania Embraer E2 jets in flight.
Image Credit: Embraer

Aircraft manufacturer Embraer and commercial aviation lessor Azorra have announced a new eight aircraft deal with Royal Jordanian Airlines, Jordan’s flag carrier.

The agreement will see the introduction of both the E190-E2 and E195-E2 to the airline’s fleet. Aircraft deliveries are expected to begin in Q4 2023.

The eight aircraft deal 

The agreement covers eight commercial aircraft, four E190-E2 and four E195-E2, with a list price value of $635M.

Six of these aircraft – four E190-E2 and two E195-E2 jets – are to come from lessor Azorra’s existing backlog with Embraer.

Two further E195-E2s are firm orders with Embraer directly from the airline, which were added to Embraer’s Q4 2022 backlog as ‘undisclosed’.

Royal Jordanian expansion 

News of the eight aircraft deal builds further on the announcement made by Royal Jordanian Airlines in October last year, in which the airline revealed its plans to expand its fleet with new generation aircraft.

The Embraer E2 was specifically chosen by the airline for its superior performance and operational efficiency.

The aircraft acquisition is aligned with RJ’s overall strategic goals to renew and grow the fleet that is deployed to destinations within the Levant.

The airline’s strategic plan is to further boost RJ’s position as the preferred airline in the region by offering improved connectivity to a wider network, positioning Amman as the leading gateway to the Levant.

Airline statement 

Samer Majali, Vice Chairman and CEO of Royal Jordanian Airlines, said: “Following extensive feasibility studies, RJ selected Embraer’s E2 as the best fit for its financial objectives and network strategy.”

“RJ has been operating Embraer aircraft for 15 years, and the E2 reduces the investment cost of pilot training and spare parts provisioning significantly, whilst also lowering crew scheduling and maintenance costs.”

“The aircraft also provides 25% fuel savings compared to current aircraft, resulting in operating cost savings as well as significant carbon emissions reductions supporting the airline’s environmental strategy and targets.” 

Royal Jordanian Airlines becomes Azorra’s newest customer for the E2 jet, with the airline having acquired a single Embraer E175 from the leasing company more than a decade ago.

Arjan Meijer, CEO, Embraer Commercial Aviation, said, “We are honored to be selected by Royal Jordanian Airlines to provide the next generation of regional aircraft, a central part of the airline’s major fleet modernization plan.”

“The E2 family of advanced-generation jets offer the quietest, lowest polluting, and most fuel-efficient aircraft in the under 150-seat market. We are proud to continue our long association with Royal Jordanian, and welcome Azorra, who are extremely active in our market, to yet another Embraer deal.”

About the E2 jets 

The E195-E2 will seat 12 passengers in Crown Class and 108 in Economy. The smaller E190-E2 will have the same number of Crown Class seats and 80 in Economy.

All aircraft feature Embraer’s signature ‘no middle seat’ 2×2 seating, and business class seats with an impressive 53-inch legroom.

The economy cabin will feature new slimline seats, also in a four abreast configuration with no middle seat.

The aircraft also features extra-large overhead bins, mood lighting, leather seats and wireless connectivity for entertainment in addition to full internet browsing, and communication capability with ground networks during flight.

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