60m Passengers By 2050: Manchester Airport Goes for Growth

By James Field - Editor in Chief 6 Min Read
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60m Passengers By 2050: Manchester Airport Goes for Growth
Photo Credit: Manchester Airport.

A report shows that Manchester Airport could achieve 60 million passengers per year by 2050, making it clear that the goals for growth have been established.

Published by Arup, the report has been backed by political and business leaders in what could be an exciting 25 years for the airport.

Without further ado, let’s get into it…

A Lot of New Route Potential for Manchester Airport…

60m Passengers By 2050: Manchester Airport Goes for Growth
Photo Credit: Manchester Airport.

Within this report, it talked about the potential for new routes over the next 25-26 years at Manchester Airport.

Between now and 2050, there could be up to 50 new direct long-haul flights with the following destinations mentioned as examples:

  • Sydney
  • Tokyo
  • Montreal
  • Mumbai
  • Riyadh
  • San Francisco
  • Cape Town

There would also be scope for around 25 new short-haul routes as well.

Such expansion, which is also being helped through the MANTP program, will do the following in terms of value:

  • Gross value triples from £5.7bn to £16.3bn.
  • Employment more than doubled from 80,000 to 165,000 jobs.
  • Passenger numbers served would increase from 27m to 60m annually by 2050.
  • Creation of 6,500 jobs dedicated to a Sustainable Aviation Fuel pipeline, valued at £930m.

The Mayor of Greater Manchester, Andy Burnham, had this to say on the growth potential for the airport:

“A growing Manchester Airport connecting Greater Manchester as a city-region and the wider north west to all corners of the globe is integral to our plans of truly creating a Northern Powerhouse.”

“Connecting the airport to a high-speed, modern rail network is one of the ways we can grow the economy of the whole of the north”

[This will create] significant jobs and opportunities for our people.”

“Connecting Greater Manchester with some of the biggest economies around the world can only bring positives”

[As well as this, it will] cement the north’s position as a major player on the world stage.”

“Putting Manchester Airport at the centre of these plans doesn’t just benefit my city-region, but the whole of the north for jobs, tourism, and prosperity, which is an opportunity any government should be jumping at.”

MAG CEO Applies Pressure on UK Government…

60m Passengers By 2050: Manchester Airport Goes for Growth
Photo Credit: Manchester Airport.

Adding to the findings of the report for growth was the CEO of MAG, Ken O’Toole.

In his statement, he put pressure on the UK Government to capitalise on the successes that can come from this expansion:

“Manchester Airport is well-established as the UK’s global gateway in the North, connecting the region to an ever-increasing range of destinations such as Beijing, Singapore, Hong Kong, New York, Houston, Toronto and across the Middle East.

“We know this connectivity delivers billions of pounds of economic value to the North by driving trade, investment and tourism and, spurred by our own £1.3bn investment in new terminal facilities and infrastructure the Airport, we will continue to grow and support growth across the region in the years to come.

“A key question for the next UK government is how to not only maximise the potential of Manchester Airport, but also ensure all parts of the North benefit to the fullest extent possible.

“Any government serious about rebalancing the country would want all major cities and towns to have fast and easy rail access to the world through their nearest international gateway – and here in the North that is Manchester Airport.

“That is why it is critical plans for a new east-west high speed network, with the Airport at its heart, are delivered as soon as possible.

“This report spells out the size of the prize and we look forward to work with business and political partners in the North, as well as whoever goes on to lead the country, to ensure that vision becomes a reality.”

Exciting Long-Term Prospects Ahead?

Photo Credit: Manchester Airport.

Looking ahead, the prospects for growth at Manchester Airport are extremely exciting.

With the opportunity for 50 new long-haul and 25 short-haul routes, this will definitely be something to take advantage of.

Obviously, 2050 is still a long way away, but a lot can happen in the space of 26 years.

The hope will be that the UK Government spot this as an opportunity rather than a hindrance.

All eyes will be on what comes next from this.

Because ultimately, Manchester Airport will not stop until they are dubbed the official Gateway to the North.

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By James Field Editor in Chief
James is a passionate AvGeek based in Manchester, U.K, who has been actively spotting for years. He is the Editor in Chief for AviationSource News.