Air Samarkand: A New CEO Amid Launch of Scheduled Flights

An Air Samarkand Airbus parked at the terminal.
Photo Credit: Air Samarkand

New carrier Air Samarkand is now set to launch its scheduled flight programme on Thursday, 21st March.

The airline will introduce flights on the Samarkand – Istanbul – Samarkand route utilizing its Airbus A321neo aircraft.

This initiative is set to open up new opportunities for travel between Uzbekistan and Turkey.

Appointment of Zafar Butaev as CEO

A new airline, Air Samarkand, is headquartered in Samarkand, Uzbekistan. The airline will commence operations with one Airbus A321neo aircraft.

Beyond that, it plans to add additional Airbus A320 and A330 aircraft to the fleet in the near future.

In tandem with its scheduled flight programme launch, Air Samarkand has announced the appointment of Zafar Butaev as its new CEO, succeeding Anton Khodiayan.

Butaev, leveraging his extensive aviation industry experience, will take the helm and steer Air Samarkand to new heights as Khodiayan steps into an advisory role.

Details of the Route and Aircraft

The route between Samarkand and Istanbul holds immense significance, connecting two historically rich cities with deep-rooted cultural, business, and tourism ties.

Operating on this route, Air Samarkand aims to facilitate seamless travel experiences for passengers, leveraging the Airbus A321neo aircraft’s modern amenities and comfort features.

Istanbul serves as a highly sought-after destination from Samarkand, serving as a gateway between Uzbekistan and the rest of the world.

The city boasts a bustling atmosphere, rich history, and vibrant culture. This is likely to be a key selling point, attracting a broad range of travelers. This makes it an ideal choice for Air Samarkand’s inaugural scheduled service.

Interior view of the new Samarkand International Airport terminal.
DS28, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Flight Schedule and Timings

Initial scheduling will see twice a week flights on Mondays and Thursdays from Samarkand International Airport.

Air Samarkand will take off from Samarkand at 8 am, landing in Istanbul at 11:10 am local time. The return flight will depart Istanbul at 12:30 pm and touch back down in Samarkand at 7:00 pm (all times local).

The commencement of Air Samarkand’s scheduled flight programme signifies a significant milestone for the regional airline industry.

Passengers can likely expect a superior travel experience on board Air Samarkand’s flights. The start-up airline is seeking to prioritize passenger satisfaction.

Features of the Airbus A321neo

Air Samarkand’s choice of the Airbus A321neo underscores its goals of dedication to safety, reliability, and passenger comfort.

Equipped with state-of-the-art CFM International LEAP-1A engines, the aircraft boasts reduced noise levels, further enhancing the in-flight experience for travelers.

Baggage Allowance

To accommodate varying travel needs, the new carrier offers customers a generous baggage allowance. The carrier allows two checked bags weighing up to 23kg each, in addition to 8kg of carry-on cabin baggage.

Ticket Availability

Tickets for flights to Istanbul are readily available for purchase through and affiliated travel agencies.

Moreover, sales will soon extend to Air Samarkand’s official website and other popular online ticket platforms.

Easybooking simplifies the ticket booking process, providing passengers with a user-friendly platform to plan and manage their travels seamlessly.

Its integration with the airline’s ticketing system streamlines the booking experience, offering added convenience and flexibility.

In line with its commitment to accessibility, Air Samarkand plans to expand ticket sales to other online platforms and aggregators. In so doing, it caters to a broader audience of travelers seeking hassle-free booking options.


The launch of Air Samarkand’s scheduled flight programme presents promising commercial prospects for both Uzbekistan and Turkey.

Air Samarkand’s Istanbul route strengthens its foothold in the region, paving the way for a surge in business collaborations and cultural exchange. The move potentially fosters mutual growth and development.

With the introduction of direct flights between Samarkand and Istanbul, Air Samarkand anticipates a surge in demand. The route is expected to appeal to tourists, cultural enthusiasts, and business travellers.

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