Paris Air Show: Airbus Confirms Attendance of A321XLR

Paris Air Show: Airbus Confirms Attendance of A321XLR
Photo Credit: Airbus.

In the last few moments, Airbus confirmed the attendance of the A321XLR for the upcoming Paris Air Show, starting on Monday.

The European planemaker encouraged users on social media to guess which aircraft would be attending the air show, with the initial photo hiding the aircraft.


In the wake of the successes the program has had so far, the event in Le Bourget will give ample opportunity to show off the jet and its versatility whilst on display.

This could also encourage some further orders on the A321XLR front at the Paris Air Show.

A321XLR as the Tool: Airbus Will Want To Secure Orders at The Paris Air Show…

Paris Air Show: Airbus Confirms Attendance of A321XLR
Photo Credit: Airbus

As well as some of the other aircraft they will be showcasing, Airbus will be wanting to use the A321XLR as a tool to generate some more orders.

Those in the industry will know that at the Farnborough Air Show last year, things were pretty quiet for them, so much so that there were questions about orders being rehashed in the form of announcements.

Even the journalists noticed a slow week from Airbus, with no sales produced by them on Day 1.

Airbus’ only commercial announcement on Day 3 consisted of 56 A320neos for easyJet being firmed up from an existing 2013 framework. This means it isn’t a fresh order made at the Farnborough Air Show.

With this not being a fresh order, questions were raised by the media in the press conference. Scherer insists that Airbus doesn’t rehash old orders as a result of this announcement.

Questioned about aircraft sales, Scherer said the following:

“It was about time for Boeing to pick up some steam”. Such hard-hitting had obviously affected Scherer to a high extent, which of course, highlights frustration about journalists being correct.

Looking ahead, it’s going to be interesting to see how many orders Airbus announce at the Paris Air Show, as well as how many the A321XLR is going to conjure up as well.
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