Dubai Airshow Overall Recap: ATR Continues Steady Success

Dubai Airshow Overall Recap: ATR Continues Steady Success
Photo Credit: ATR.

It has been a relatively quiet week for ATR at the Dubai Airshow, just making one announcement but this is part of the continued steady success by the manufacturer.

The regional aircraft manufacturer wasn’t able to emulate success similar to Farnborough, but has been more on par with the Paris Air Show back in June.

Without further ado, let’s get into it…

ATR Secures Order with Abelo for Up to 20 72-600s at the Dubai Airshow…

Dubai Airshow Overall Recap: ATR Continues Steady Success
Photo Credit: ATR.

The only order from ATR came from Abelo for up to 20 72-600 aircraft at the Dubai Airshow, continuing on it’s relationship from the Farnborough Air Show.

Back in July 2022, the carrier had placed an order for 10 72-600s and confirmed a deal for 10 42-600S aircraft.

At this week’s airshow, a deal for 10 more 72-600s, with options for 10 more had been secured by the lessor.

Commenting on the order was the manufacturer’s CEO Nathalie Tarnaud Laude, who said the following:

“With a total of 30 ATRs ordered, Abelo’s continued commitment to ATR is a testament to the strong market demand for fuel-efficient and cost-effective turboprops.”

“Through their versatility, low operating costs and reduced CO2 emissions, they serve as the backbone of numerous regional airlines worldwide.”

“Our strong relationship with Abelo relies on common purposes and visions, as well as on our joint recognition of turboprops’ great value proposition today and tomorrow.”

“We will remain committed to providing Abelo with the most innovative solutions long into the future.”

What Is Next For The Regional Aircraft Manufacturer?

Dubai Airshow Overall Recap: ATR Continues Steady Success
Photo Credit: ATR.
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If you take into account the last three airshows from ATR, being Farnborough 2022, Paris 2023 and now Dubai 2023, they have sold around 102 aircraft.

This is broken down into the following:

  • Farnborough 2022:
    • 36 ATR aircraft for Feel Air.
    • One aircraft for Oriental Air Bridge.
    • 10 72-600s & 10 42-600STOL for Abelo.
    • 1 aircraft sold to Afrijet.
  • Paris 2023:
    • 6 ATR 72-600 from Mandarin Airlines 
    • 2 ATR 72-600 with “All-Business Class” premium configuration from Berjaya Air 
    • 3 ATR 72-600 from Azul, plus options for 2 additional aircraft 
    • 8 ATR 72-600 from 3 undisclosed customers 
    • 3 ATR 42-600 from 2 undisclosed customers.  
  • Dubai Airshow 2023:
    • 20 72-600s to Abelo (10 firm & 10 options).

Whilst that may seem like a relatively low figure compared to the likes of Boeing & Airbus, 102 aircraft for the manufacturer will keep deliveries going until the end of the decade.

This will give them ample time in the meantime to secure some more orders moving forward.

Overall: Looking Away from the Dubai Airshow, All Eyes on Farnborough 2024?

Photo Credit: ATR.

Looking back at the last 18 months or so, ATR has made strong progress on the orders front, with things remaining steady as we depart from the Dubai Airshow.

All eyes will be on the manufacturer to see what other orders they may have in store going into the future.

For now, the short-to-medium term longevity of the business is secured, with deliveries progressing through to 2030.

So despite the quiet week, they can walk away with their heads held high for the time being.

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