Dubai Air Show Recap Day 2: ATR Enters The Scoresheet

Dubai Air Show Recap Day 2: ATR Enters The Scoresheet
Photo Credit: ATR.

ATR has officially entered the scoresheet this week at the Dubai Air Show, securing orders for it’s 72-600 aircraft. Let’s take a look into this.

The regional aircraft manufacturer produced no orders on Day 1, providing some concern into what the rest of the week may look like.

Without further ado, let’s get into it…

ATR Signs Deal With Lessor Abelo for Up to 20 72-600s…

Dubai Air Show Recap Day 2: ATR Enters The Scoresheet
Photo Credit: ATR.

ATR today announced a Heads of Agreement with Abelo for up to 20 72-600 aircraft, considering of 10 firm and 10 options at the Dubai Air Show.

This comes off the back of an order made at the Farnborough Air Show in July 2022 where 10 72-600s and 10 42-600STOL aircraft were ordered.

Steve Gorman, the Chief Executive Officer of Abelo, commented on this new order at the Dubai Air Show by saying:

“In ATR aircraft, we have discovered the ideal solution to support Abelo’s mission of connecting communities and businesses in an economically and environmentally responsible manner.”

“Our aim is to expedite the transition from older aircraft to the most advanced, low-emission technologies, and ATR turboprops have emerged as the top choice for achieving this objective.”

Adding to this was Nathalie Tarnaud Laude, the CEO of ATR:

“With a total of 30 ATRs ordered, Abelo’s continued commitment to ATR is a testament to the strong market demand for fuel-efficient and cost-effective turboprops.”

“Through their versatility, low operating costs and reduced CO2 emissions, they serve as the backbone of numerous regional airlines worldwide.”

“Our strong relationship with Abelo relies on common purposes and visions, as well as on our joint recognition of turboprops’ great value proposition today and tomorrow.”

“We will remain committed to providing Abelo with the most innovative solutions long into the future.”

Dubai Air Show: How Is The Manufacturer Faring Compared to Paris & Farnborough?…

Photo Credit: ATR.

So far, that order from Abelo puts ATR in good stead at the Dubai Air Show, especially when you compare it to the Paris Air Show.

As it stands, the European planemaker needs to get an order for four or more aircraft to match the numbers announced at the Paris Air Show.

However, in comparison to the Farnborough Air Show last year, the manufacturer is around 38 units short of beating that number.

Either way, it’s been a good start for ATR, with all eyes on them to see how many more orders they will announce at the Dubai Air Show.

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