Manchester Airport Offers Seven Holiday Ideas for 2024

Manchester Airport Offers Seven Holiday Ideas for 2024
Photo Credit: Manchester Airport.

This week saw Manchester Airport offer seven ideas for holidays in 2024, as their campaign for more passenger footfalls continues into the New Year.

Utilising the airlines and the routes on offer from the airport, they came up with a strong list of destinations for holidaymakers.

Without further ado, let’s get into it…

Manchester Airport Offers Seven Holiday Ideas for 2024…

Manchester Airport Offers Seven Holiday Ideas for 2024
Photo Credit: Manchester Airport.


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The first holiday idea that Manchester Airport recommended is to go on an easyJet or Ryanair flight to Catania.

Such motivation behind this is to encourage travellers to go and see the Mount Etna volcano.

Number two was a mix of Croatia & Montenegro put together, and even encouraged it as a two-week holiday idea. The airport has flights to Split & Tivat to facilitate this.

The third choice from Manchester Airport was to Jordan, which noticeably isn’t a surprise given the fact that Royal Jordanian will begin services in March.

At number four is Geneva, with the airport noting the Les Deux Alpes, of which although only a couple of hours from the airport, is encouraging passengers to travel using the year-round flights on offer from Ethiopian Airlines and easyJet.

Turkey comes in at number five, and again is not a surprise given the incredible coverage of flights on offer to the country. Around six airlines offer services from Manchester to Turkey, so there are plenty of options from low-cost to high-cost.

Their penultimate choice was Reykjavik in Iceland, of which Icelandair, Jet2, TUI and easyJet all operate direct flights to enable passengers to go and see the Midnight Sun and take a dip in the Blue Lagoon.

Finally, a little more further afield, was Cancun in Mexico, and have mainly marketed this for passengers who wish to go scuba diving in the region. TUI operates year-round flights to the Mexican destination.

In-all, Manchester Airport continues to promote tourism into other regions around the world, and expects a busy 2024.

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