London Gatwick: New project changes to Northern Runway plan

Aerial view of London Gatwick Airport runway.
Photo Credit: London Gatwick Airport
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As London Gatwick Airport (LGW) continues to progress its ambitious Northern Runway plans, the airport is not only focused on expansion but is also committed to minimizing its environmental impact.

Since the initial submission of its plans to the Planning Inspectorate, Gatwick has worked on refining its proposal, pinpointing three key changes that not only reduce environmental effects but also enhance design flexibility.

December 2023 Consultation

Before officially presenting these modifications to the Planning Inspectorate, London Gatwick is set to open a consultation on December 13, 2023.

This initiative aims to gather insights from the public, landowners, and various stakeholders, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the community’s perspectives on the proposed changes.

Gatwick Airport control tower with aircraft in flight in background.
Photo Credit: Gatwick Airport


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Project Change 1: North Terminal International Departure Lounge

One of the proposed adjustments involves an increase in the design parameters for the North Terminal International Departure Lounge’s southern extension.

This enhancement seeks to create a more spacious and accommodating environment for travelers, setting the stage for a seamless departure experience.

Project Change 2: Rethinking Recycling for Sustainability

Another significant change involves the reduction in the height and alteration of the purpose of the replacement Central Area Recycling Enclosure (CARE) facility.

By doing so, Gatwick is taking a proactive step toward sustainable waste management, aligning its operations with eco-friendly practices.

Project Change 3: Enhancing Water Management

The third proposed modification revolves around revising the Surface Water Treatment Works system.

This adjustment underscores Gatwick’s commitment to efficient water management, a critical aspect of sustainable airport operations.

Community Involvement: Your Voice Matters

Gatwick’s dedication to transparency is evident in its decision to seek public opinions before finalizing the proposed changes.

The consultation period, spanning from December 13, 2023, to 11:59 pm on January 21, 2024, allows the community to actively participate in shaping the airport’s future.

Gatwick’s Vision: Beyond Expansion

The overarching goal of Gatwick’s Northern Runway plan is not merely expansion but a holistic approach to boost the regional economy.

The airport envisions the creation of approximately 14,000 new jobs and an infusion of £1 billion annually into the local economy.

This economic upswing will stem from increased tourism, expanded trade opportunities, a robust supply chain, and diverse business prospects.

Tim Norwood, Chief Planning Officer at London Gatwick, emphasizes the collaborative nature of this process, stating, “Our engagement with the public and stakeholders to date has been invaluable in helping us shape our Northern Runway plans.”

“However, since the submission of our DCO application, we have identified a number of small improvements we would like to make to our proposal.”

“We are therefore asking for views on three discrete changes to our plans and would welcome any feedback people may want to make.”

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London Gatwick Airport has made three project changes as it continues to progress and refine its Northern Runway plans.
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