Gatwick Airport awards contracts for North Terminal revamp

Render of new Gatwick Airport North Terminal interior.
Image Credit: Gatwick Airport

London Gatwick Airport, a central hub of travel and connectivity, is currently undergoing the transformation of its North Terminal departure lounge.

This ambitious project, set to conclude in early 2024, has seen Crawley-based companies securing contracts valued at over £5 million.

Among these companies, BP Installations Ltd and CCI Gatwick Ltd stand out as key players in this remarkable endeavor.

The North Terminal Development

The project, which will be the first major overhaul of the departure lounge since it opened in 1988, started on-site in late May this year.

The modernised departure lounge will feature new flooring and contemporary seating. All seats will have accessible power points, located in differentiated ‘mood zones’, allowing passengers to spend their pre-flight time how they choose, whether relaxing, working or shopping.    

Image Credit: Gatwick Airport


A sustainable planting scheme will bring the outside in and is inspired by the beautiful West Sussex countryside. Local artwork will take pride of place, further demonstrating Gatwick’ s connection to the surrounding region.  

Improved sightlines and wayfinding, including a new orientation zone with unique digital artwork and content, will make it easier for passengers to experience everything the departure lounge has to offer.  

Crawley-based Contractors

BP Installations Ltd, situated on Crawley’s Manor Royal trading estate, has been entrusted with the pivotal role of principal contractor for this redevelopment initiative.

Their responsibilities encompass comprehensive site safety management, the installation of new electrical systems, the provision of state-of-the-art flooring, and the deployment of information and display signage that will elevate the passenger experience.

Brendan Payne, the Managing Director of BP Installations, spoke about the opportunity to contribute to the project, saying, “We are very pleased and proud to form part of the London Gatwick team that is creating the new-look North Terminal.”

“As a local company, we have been able to grow and develop through the Gatwick framework. This has enabled us to focus on employing local labor and increasing our local supply chain for future projects. I look forward to traveling through the North Terminal soon.”

CCI Gatwick Ltd, also located on Manor Royal, assumes responsibility for overseeing the interior fitout and decorative finishes.

 With a track record of over 25 years collaborating with London Gatwick, CCI Gatwick Ltd brings a wealth of experience to the refurbishment of the North Terminal departure lounge.

Their Director, James Nugent-Harvey, noted, “The design and technology specified for this project will create a relaxing and informative environment for passengers and a visually appealing space that confirms Gatwick as a leading international airport.”

A Glimpse into the Future

The North Terminal departure lounge’s ongoing transformation represents a significant investment, exceeding £10 million, aimed at enhancing the passenger experience.

The upgrades include the installation of new flooring, contemporary seating equipped with accessible power points, a sustainable planting scheme, incorporation of local artwork, and improved sightlines and wayfinding.

London Gatwick’s commitment to its long-term future is evident through its recent planning application acceptance to bring the airport’s Northern Runway into regular use.

This low-impact plan is poised to enhance resilience, reduce delays, and provide a substantial boost to the national and regional economy by bolstering trade, tourism, and the creation of new job opportunities.

Members of the public, including businesses, local residents and other stakeholders, have until 23:59 on 29 October 2023 to register with the Planning Inspectorate and provide a summary of their views on the airport’s application.  

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By Len Varley - Assistant Editor 4 Min Read
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