Changi Airport retail outlets continue to absorb 2024 GST hike

Photo Credit: Changi Airport Group

Despite the Goods and Services Tax (GST) increasing from 8% to 9% on January 1, 2024, participating retail shops in the public areas of Changi Airport’s four terminals will continue to absorb the GST.

The icing on the cake is a unique shopping experience awaiting those who join the free Changi Rewards loyalty programme.

The Changi Airport”2XGST” Promotion

But that’s not all – for nine exciting days in January, the “2XGST” promotion takes center stage. Shoppers can revel in an additional 9% off their purchases, provided the minimum nett value is S$30 after all other discounts.

As an extra perk, customers spending a minimum of S$60 and using Mastercard via Changi’s digital wallet, Changi Pay, will receive a S$9 Changi Pay return voucher credited to their account. The savings are real, and the opportunities are vast.

Refer to the website for detailed information and a list of participating outlets.


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A Decade and a Half of GST Absorption

Ms Phau Hui Hoon, Changi Airport Group’s Vice President for Landside Concessions, expressed pride in the longstanding partnership with tenants.

For 15 years, since 2009, Changi Airport has been at the forefront, absorbing GST for retail spend in the public areas of its stores. The commitment to this initiative continues into the new year.

Photo Credits: Changi Airport Group

The Evolution of “2XGST” Promotion

Launched in September 2010, the “2XGST” promotion has evolved into one of Changi Airport’s signature campaigns.

It not only benefits tenants with increased sales but also offers shoppers a welcome reprieve from the GST hike. As we approach the festive season, Changi Airport aims to spread cheer and create a positive shopping experience for all.

Terminal 2 (T2) Revival

Since Terminal 2’s full reopening in November, the retail landscape has expanded, offering a diverse mix of shops in its public areas.

Renowned brands like Eu Yan Sang, Lynk Fragrances, and Baker’s Well have joined the lineup. These additions allow customers to enjoy GST absorption and the “2XGST” promo while gearing up for the

While food & beverage outlets are excluded from GST absorption and the “2XGST” campaign, T2 has a plethora of new restaurants to satiate your cravings.

A-Roy Thai, known for its authentic Northeast Thai cuisine, offers signature dishes like Lemongrass Salad and Steamed Seabass with Spicy and Sour Soup.

For Japanese cuisine enthusiasts, Ramen Keisuke Singapore presents a local twist with Changi-exclusive Bak Kut Teh and Laksa flavors.

Ginza Tendon Itsuki, with its crunchy yet succulent tempura, and the upcoming Jones the Grocer, promise a gastronomic adventure on the mezzanine level.

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