Changi Airport Terminal 2 returns to full operations

View of new Changi Airport Terminal 2 complex.
Photo Credit: Changi Airport

After three and a half years of engineering and expansion works, Terminal 2 (T2) has fully reopened ahead of schedule, restoring four-terminal operations at Changi Airport.

Changi Airport, one of the world’s leading aviation hubs, has achieved a significant milestone with the reopening of Terminal 2.

This achievement comes as a response to the growing demand for air travel, preparing to welcome passengers back to the skies as we anticipate a full recovery to pre-Covid levels in 2024.

The T2 expansion project, which has added five million passengers per annum (mppa) to Changi’s capacity, brings the airport’s total handling capacity to an impressive 90 mppa.

Inspired by Nature

The heart of T2’s design philosophy is guided by a nature-inspired theme. Every aspect of the terminal has been meticulously crafted to incorporate elements of nature, creating a harmonious and immersive environment for travelers.

From ceiling designs mimicking natural landforms to wall finishes, carpet patterns, and lush green columns adorned with a diverse array of plants, T2 radiates a sense of tranquility and relaxation.

At the center of the departure hall, a 14-meter-tall digital display named “The Wonderfall” stands as a testament to nature’s raw beauty.

Singapore Changi Airport T2 Wonderfall

Set amid a vertical garden, The Wonderfall captures the essence of nature’s grandeur with a majestic waterfall cascading over megalithic boulders.

Passengers and visitors are transported to an immersive world of wonder, where they can witness the breath-taking beauty of the natural world.

Inside the departure transit area, a brand-new garden known as “Dreamscape” mesmerizes visitors with its enchanting array of plants set against a meticulously landscaped backdrop.

What sets Dreamscape apart is its ‘digital sky,’ which changes its hues throughout the day, adding a dynamic and ever-changing element to the terminal’s ambiance.

Singapore Changi Airport T2 Dreamscape

Enhanced Infrastructure

The T2 expansion project is not just about aesthetics; it also includes essential infrastructure improvements.

The terminal building has been expanded by more than 21,000 square meters, allowing for additional infrastructure, new systems, and a broader range of retail offerings.

A central common-use Fast and Seamless Travel (FAST) zone has been introduced, doubling the number of automated check-in kiosks and bag drop machines.

Immigration halls have also been expanded to accommodate more automated immigration lanes, ensuring a smoother experience for passengers.

One notable feature of T2 is the introduction of automated Special Assistance Lanes for persons with disabilities and young children, both at arrival and departure immigration.

Additionally, a new early baggage storage system has been installed, fully automated and with the capacity to handle up to 2,400 bags, further streamlining the passenger experience.

Connecting the World

With 16 airlines operating at T2, the terminal offers flights connecting to 40 cities, making it a vital gateway for travelers.

Since the reopening of the terminal’s arrival south wing in May 2022, almost 10 million passengers have been served at T2.

In September 2023, passenger traffic at Changi Airport reached about 90% of pre-Covid levels, demonstrating the resilience and appeal of this aviation hub.

All Photos: Singapore Changi Airport

Mr. Tan Lye Teck, CAG’s Programme Director for the Terminal 2 Expansion Project, emphasized Changi Airport’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of airport service and innovation.

T2 is designed to enhance the passenger experience by combining a modern terminal inspired by nature with immersive digital experiences, innovative technology, and transformative retail and dining concepts.

The expansion project augments Changi’s handling capacity, allowing it to serve more passengers in the years ahead and setting a new benchmark for customer service and delight among airports.

World-Class Lifestyle Destination

Beyond being a bustling air hub, Changi Airport continues to evolve into a world-class lifestyle destination. In recent months, more retail and food & beverage stores have opened in both T2’s public and transit areas, enhancing the visitor journey.

Visitors to the public areas of T2 can indulge in a range of novel concepts. Notably, Southeast Asia’s first Funko pop-up store is now available, offering collectors the chance to acquire Singapore’s exclusive Merlion among other popular figurines.

What’s more, visitors can pose with larger-than-life Funko statues of their favorite characters, creating memorable moments straight out of fiction.

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