SAS Sees Recovery Continue in March

Photo Credit: SAS

Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) has released its performance data for March. Overall, the airline saw a positive trend in passenger numbers for March 2024, with a 5% increase compared to the same month in 2023.

This translates to roughly 2 million passengers choosing SAS for their travels. This growth comes alongside a 15% capacity increase and a 20% rise in Revenue Passenger Kilometers (RPK) compared to March 2023. The flown load factor for March remained steady at 79%.

Satisfying March Result

SAS CEO Anko van der Werff expressed satisfaction with the passenger numbers, especially considering the inclusion of the Easter weekend in March.

He also highlighted other positive developments for the airline, notably including the U.S. Court’s approval of SAS’ reorganization plan.

In addition, a new agreement brokered with the Norwegian Armed Forces for air evacuation services using the airline’s Airbus A320neo aircraft.

Topping it off, the carrier was also voted the most sustainable airline by Swedish and Danish consumers.

Optimism Amid Upcoming Summer Season

Looking ahead, SAS remains focused on achieving financial stability and is optimistic about the upcoming summer season. The airline anticipates further consolidation and a steady growth trajectory.

The past winter season proved positive for SAS, with increased passenger volumes and exciting new project announcements.

The upcoming summer promises even more, with SAS offering flights to over 130 destinations in more than 40 countries.

This includes increased frequencies to popular European destinations, nine entirely new European routes, and additional flights to North American and Asian destinations like New York, Tokyo, and Atlanta (with daily direct flights throughout summer).

Closeup of a Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) jet engine in flight.
Photo Credit: SAS

Shift in Airline Affiliation

SAS also recently announced an upcoming shift in its airline alliance affiliations. The airline will remain part of Star Alliance until August 31, 2024, after which passengers can begin enjoying benefits with most SkyTeam airlines starting September 1, 2024.

“We’re excited about this alliance transition and the opportunities it presents for new destinations and loyalty program benefits,” stated SAS Chief Commercial Officer Paul Verhagen.

“Our focus now is on ensuring a smooth transition for our customers and EuroBonus members. We’ll continue to share details as we progress, aiming to create an exciting travel future with SAS.”

Summary: SAS Progress to Date

Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) continues its journey towards financial stability with positive developments in March 2024.

Passenger numbers climbed 5% compared to March 2023, reaching approximately 2 million. This growth coincides with a significant increase in both capacity (15%) and Revenue Passenger Kilometers (RPK) at 20%, indicating efficient utilization of available seats.

A major milestone for SAS was the U.S. Court’s approval of its reorganization plan in March. This paves the way for the airline to formally exit Chapter 11 bankruptcy proceedings, marking a crucial step towards financial recovery.

While restructuring remains a focus, SAS hasn’t shied away from new ventures. The airline secured a new agreement with the Norwegian Armed Forces, solidifying its role in strategic air evacuations.

This commitment extends beyond simply maintaining the service; SAS will transition to more environmentally friendly Airbus A320neo aircraft upon phasing out the current fleet in 2025.

Further solidifying its positive reputation, SAS was once again voted the most sustainable company in the aviation industry by Swedish and Danish consumers.

This recognition highlights the airline’s dedication to responsible practices within a notoriously carbon-intensive industry.

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