Rex’s jet fleet continues to grow

A Rex Airlines Boeing 737 -800NG on the tarmac.
Photo Credit: Rex Airlines

A ninth Boeing 737-800NG is the latest addition to Rex’s jet fleet as it continues to grow.

Arriving on Friday 22nd September in Brisbane after a ferry flight from Singapore. VH-8JS is fresh out of maintenance and already scheduled to enter service in October.

Expanding routes across Australia

The recently announced service between Adelaide and Brisbane will have it’s inaugural flight on the 30th of October. This will be the tenth domestic route between capital cities in Australia for Rex.

It was only mid-August when Rex added what was then their 6th capital city, with the Hobart route. Highlighting the expansion and desire for enhanced services from those at the head of the airline.

Rex Deputy Chairman, the Hon John Sharp AM, said: “Australians are crying out for an airline like Rex that has over 20 years of safe, reliable service delivered with heartfelt country hospitality and integrity”

“Besides being consistently Australia’s most reliable airline, we are proud that during COVID,
we refunded every passenger who requested a COVID-related refund.”

“We even sent out six reminders to travel agents requesting they initiate refunds for passengers who booked directly through them.”


A Rex Airlines Boeing 737 climbs after takeoff.
Photo Credit: Rex Airlines

“We did not sell tickets for phantom flights in a bid to enhance cash flow. We also did not
retrench any staff during COVID. On the contrary, we were aggressively recruiting for our
domestic operation.”

“We do not ever gouge our passengers even on routes where we are the sole operator and we do not squat on valuable airport slots by gaming the system,” added Mr Sharp.

“We are confident that with the continued growth of our network, more and more Australians
will experience and switch to the only true Australian carrier they can trust and rely on,” he concluded..

Ambitious plans for REX

Earlier this year Rex announced another ambitious expansion plan for it’s services in forming part of the Antarctic tender.

Speaking at the time on that project was Bill English, Chairman and Managing Director of Heli Resources, “The exclusive teaming agreement with Rex for the Antarctic tender is a cause for celebration.”

“With Heli Resources’ extensive history and unmatched experience, we are fully confident that, in partnership with Rex, we’ll present a helicopter solution that not only meets but exceeds expectations in terms of quality and reliability.”

“This collaboration signifies a momentous milestone for both entities, and we are keen to harness our combined expertise to support the AAD’s crucial missions in this unique and demanding environment.”

About Rex

Rex is Australia’s largest independent regional and domestic airline operating a fleet of 58 Saab 340 and 9 Boeing 737-800NG aircraft to 57 destinations throughout all states in Australia.

In addition to Rex Airlines, the Rex Group comprises wholly owned subsidiaries Pel-Air Aviation (air freight, aeromedical and charter operator), the Australian Airline Pilot Academy with campuses in Wagga Wagga and Ballarat, and propeller maintenance organisation, Australian Aerospace Propeller Maintenance.

Rex is also a 50% shareholder of National Jet Express (NJE), a premier Fly-In-Fly-Out (FIFO), charter and freight operator.

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By Alex Barrett 4 Min Read
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