JetBlue announces next step of Northeast Alliance wind down plan

A JetBlue aircraft parked at Fort Lauderdale.
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US carrier JetBlue has revealed the next steps in the wind down of its Northeast Alliance (NEA) with American Airlines. This news has left many customers disappointed as popular benefits like codesharing and reciprocal loyalty perks will be discontinued.

JetBlue acknowledged the impact this decision will have on its customers, and they expressed their continued belief that the U.S. Department of Justice’s position opposing the benefits misses the mark.

Recent court decision

The announcement of wind down plans comes in the wake of a court ruling against the continuation of the NEA in its current form.

In a previous statement, the airline said that: “We strongly disagree with the court’s ruling against the NEA and stand behind the procompetitive impact of the alliance.”

JetBlue maintains that the NEA has been a resounding success, with customers reaping the benefits. The alliance enabled JetBlue to increase its capacity, add new routes and destinations, reduce fares, and offer flight connections that provide a genuine alternative to competitors like Delta and United.

Additionally, the value of JetBlue’s loyalty program benefits expanded for customers.

Despite JetBlue’s conviction in the procompetitive advantages of the NEA, the court ruled against its continuation.


Dave Fintzen, the vice president of Northeast Alliance at JetBlue, stated, “Even as these benefits end, we are still committed to minimizing disruption to existing travel plans and continuing to deliver great value and our award-winning product and service to our customers.”

Upcoming changes

To provide clarity on the upcoming changes, JetBlue and American Airlines have outlined the following implementations:

Codeshare Bookings: Starting July 21, 2023, JetBlue customers will no longer be able to make new codeshare bookings on American Airlines, and vice versa.

This means that the convenience of booking flights on one carrier while enjoying the benefits of the other will no longer be available.

TrueBlue and AAdvantage Numbers: For customers who have already made travel arrangements, it is crucial to add your TrueBlue or AAdvantage numbers to the booking before July 21, 2023. By doing so, you will ensure that you can still earn points, miles, and reciprocal perks for your upcoming journey.

Accrual of TrueBlue Points: Customers can continue to accrue TrueBlue points for all tickets purchased before July 21, 2023, as long as their TrueBlue number is added to the booking before the specified date. It is essential to act promptly to ensure you don’t miss out on earning valuable rewards.


JetBlue and American Airlines are actively working together to minimize any disruptions caused by these changes.

The airline assured its customers that may have already booked travel for the coming months that they can remain confident in their travel plans.

In the event that any individual customers are directly affected, JetBlue has assured that it will reach out individually to provide any necessary re-accommodation or refunds.

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