JetBlue issues statement on its Northeast Alliance

A JetBlue A321neo climbs after takeoff.
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US carrier JetBlue recently announced its decision to terminate the Northeast Alliance (NEA) with American Airlines. This move comes after a court ruling against the continuation of the NEA in its current form.

In a recently issued statement, the airline stated that: “We strongly disagree with the court’s ruling against the NEA and stand behind the procompetitive impact of the alliance.”

JetBlue has been a disruptor in the aviation industry for over two decades. Its unique model of offering low-fare, high-quality service has resonated with customers, particularly in the New York and Boston markets.

However, the company faced challenges in these regions due to external constraints. In response, JetBlue entered into the NEA with American Airlines, aiming to bring more of the “JetBlue Effect” to its customers.

The Northeast Alliance (NEA)

JetBlue maintains that the NEA has been a resounding success, with customers reaping the benefits. The alliance enabled JetBlue to increase its capacity, add new routes and destinations, reduce fares, and offer flight connections that provide a genuine alternative to competitors like Delta and United.

Additionally, the value of JetBlue’s loyalty program benefits expanded for customers.

Despite JetBlue’s conviction in the procompetitive advantages of the NEA, the court ruled against its continuation.


Nevertheless, JetBlue stands firm in its belief that the alliance had a positive impact on competition. From their latest statement, it is clear that the airline strongly disagrees with the court’s decision.

In light of the court ruling, JetBlue has made the difficult decision not to appeal and has initiated the termination of the NEA.

The wind-down process

With respect to its customer support in the wind-down process, JetBlue has move to reassure patrons, saying:

“The NEA is a complex partnership with many thousands of customers who have already booked travel in the months ahead.”

“For customers, it’s important to note that nothing will change immediately and they can feel confident in new and existing bookings for the coming months. In addition, customers can continue to earn/redeem points and receive reciprocal loyalty benefits.”

“We will continue to work through the legal process to achieve a wind down plan that protects consumers, and look forward to presenting our view to the court in the coming weeks.”

The wind-down process will thus unfold over the coming months. However, this development shifts JetBlue’s focus toward its proposed combination with Spirit Airlines.

The Spirit Combination

JetBlue sees its combination with Spirit as the most effective means to bring about significant change in the competitive landscape of the U.S. aviation industry.

By joining forces with Spirit, it aims to expand its reach to more routes and markets across the country.

The company believes that this partnership has the potential to bring the renowned “JetBlue Effect” to a national scale.

With the proposed combination with Spirit Airlines and a focus on national expansion, JetBlue aims to continue disrupting the industry and bringing the renowned “JetBlue Effect” to more routes and markets across the country.

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