Jet2 operates further repatriation flights from Rhodes

A Jet2 flight enters the runway.
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In the wake of the wildfire crisis in Greece, Jet2 continued its passenger repatriation flight program yesterday. The operator carried out an additional nine scheduled flights from Rhodes on Tuesday 25 July.

As the situation continues to unfold, Jet2 has now advised that flights and holidays up to and including Sunday 30 July remain cancelled to avoid putting further pressure on local infrastructure.

Jet2 Rhodes update

We provide the latest statement from Jet2 dated Tuesday 25 July here in its entirety:

Yesterday (Monday 24th July), operated ten flights to the UK from Rhodes, which included four repatriation flights and six scheduled flights. Approximately 1,000 customers who have been displaced either flew back to the UK with us or were moved to hotels in unaffected areas. 

We will operate a repatriation programme today in tandem with today’s programme of nine scheduled flights, which will meet the demand we have.    

We have a hugely expanded team of colleagues in Rhodes, and they are present throughout resorts, evacuation centres, and at Rhodes Airport.

Our colleagues are highly visible in their red uniforms and are working around the clock to communicate with, and look after, our customers. They are working in extremely difficult circumstances, and we are incredibly grateful for their efforts. 


Although events moved incredibly quickly over the weekend, it is extremely important to note that we acted immediately to suspend flights and holidays to Rhodes when we learned that the authorities were asking hotels in affected areas to evacuate.  

Flights and holidays cancelled to 30 July

All flights and holidays to Rhodes remain cancelled up to and including Sunday 30th July, to give customers assurance and to avoid putting further pressure on the island’s infrastructure. We have contacted affected customers with regards to their refund and rebooking options and if they wish to receive a refund, we will process this quickly. 

We continue to fly aircraft to Rhodes with no customers onboard, so that we can bring our customers back to the UK on their scheduled flights, as well as any additional Jet2 customers who wish to return to the UK.  

For customers due to travel to Rhodes beyond Sunday 30th July, we are continually reviewing the situation and will provide an update in due course. We will make this decision with the best interests of our customers in mind. 

We know that many of our customers have been through an incredibly difficult time, and we are truly sorry to hear this. Although extraordinary events such as these are completely outside of our control, our total focus is on looking after our customers and colleagues. 

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By Len Varley - Assistant Editor 3 Min Read
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