Rhodes Wildfires: Jet2 Sends Repatriation Flights TONIGHT!

Rhodes Wildfires: Jet2 Sends Repatriation Flights Tonight
Photo Credit: James Field/AviationSource

In the last few hours, Jet2 has announced plans to send four repatriation flights to the island of Rhodes following continued wildfires causing flight cancellations.

Earlier, the airline also announced that it would be suspending normal commercial operations until the 30th of July, in line with other carriers such as TUI.

Jet2: Rhodes Situation A Difficult Experience for Many…

Rhodes Wildfires: Jet2 Sends Repatriation Flights Tonight
Photo Credit: James Field/AviationSource

A spokesperson for Jet2.com and Jet2holidays said: “We understand how difficult this experience has been for many, and our entire focus is on looking after our customers.”

“We have a significantly expanded presence in Rhodes, with a huge team of experienced colleagues providing all the support we can for our customers, whether that is in affected areas or at Rhodes Airport. 

“We have also put on four repatriation flights to bring our customers home, which is on top of our scheduled program of flights that will continue to operate from Rhodes to the UK this week.”

“We are continuing to make decisions in the best interests of our customers, and we are keeping everything under constant review.” 

The Repatriation Flights…

Photo Credit: James Field/AviationSource

As per the airline’s statement, Jet2 will be sending the following flights to the Greek island:

  • Rhodes to Manchester, departing tonight with 220 seats 
  • 2 x Rhodes to Leeds Bradford flights, departing tonight with 189 seats 
  • Rhodes to Birmingham, departing tonight with 189 seats 

There have already been repatriation flights taking place with the airline, with the first one from Leeds Bradford on Sunday evening.


The situation remains a developing story, and more will follow in due course.

Rhodes Wildfires: Jet2 Sends Repatriation Flights TONIGHT!
Data provided by RadarBox.com.

UPDATE #1 @ 1741 UK time – As per @RadarBoxCom, the Manchester repatriation flight is being operated by G-SUNB, Jet2’s Airbus A321neo that is taxiing out for this rescue from Rhodes.

Rhodes Wildfires: Jet2 Sends Repatriation Flights TONIGHT!

UPDATE #2 @ 1744 UK time – One of the Leeds Bradford flights seen here heading over to the Greek island as well.

UPDATE #3 @ 1747 UK time – And here is the Birmingham repatriation flight as well, marked as EXS042P.

UPDATE #4 @ 1755 UK time – Courtesy of the @RadarBoxCom multi-select tool, this is where the three repatriation flights are currently.

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